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20 Incredible Dream Jobs That Really Do Exist

Posted on May 6, 2010
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Credit: Celina Jacobson

20 Incredible Dream Jobs That Really Do Exist

May 5th, 2010

Is your job a little…dull? Even if you like your boss and have a reasonable schedule, that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to your professional life. In fact, some individuals have the pleasure of showing up to work in the morning to taste ice cream, drive luxury vehicles, and even babysit private islands. Check out our list of 20 incredible dream jobs that really do exist, and you may feel motivated to change up your career.

  • Video Game Tester: If you don’t personally spend hours and hours playing video games every weekend and evening, you probably have a boyfriend, brother, best friend or roommate who does. If they’re not as ambitious about work or school, you may want to direct them to this Indeed page which currently lists pages of results for the job "video game tester," including some positions in the $100,000 and up salary range.
  • Professional Traveler: What if your job description was to go on vacation? was looking for candidates to be a travel correspondent, earning $50,000 in salary and all travel expenses paid, plus health insurance. The lucky employee gets to travel the U.S. for 12 weeks while writing a travel blog and hosting webisodes for the site. Unfortunately the site closed applications in November 2009.
  • Supermodel: Working your way up to becoming a supermodel can be physically and mentally challenging, and even damaging. Models work crazy hours, often diet to extremes, can be faced with sexual harassment, and face cruel rejection and criticism from designers, casting agents and modeling agencies that ridicule their weight or appearance. But if you’ve made it to the top, you can make tens of thousands of dollars a day for shoots, appearances and special events, and get paid to travel for reasons other than photo shoots. Supermodel Coco Rocha has her own blog on which she shares her experiences working as a TV correspondent, spokesperson for healthy modeling standards, and goofing off with friends.
  • Chocolate Taster: For dessert and chocolate lovers, getting to indulge in the super sweet treat every day is a dream job. Chocolate tasters can work in-house for chocolate makers or at supermarkets and other shops to test their stock and conduct market research.
  • Sex columnist or sex blogger: Sex columnists have been around for a long time, but Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw turned it into a dream job. While real-life sex writers probably can’t afford Manolo Blahniks on their salary, the opportunity to write about your and your friends’ sex lives can be pretty liberating and even therapeutic. It affords you a great opening line, and many sex columnists these days are actually bloggers, which means you may be able to work right from bed.
  • Paradise island caretaker: Escaping to a paradise island is a dream vacation for some, and an actual dream career for others. USA Today highlights a job that paid a man $120,000 for six months’ of work as a caretaker and "unofficial ambassador of a tropical Australian island." Over 35,000 people applied to blog about their experiences on the island.
  • Beer taster: Drinking beer is usually associated with after-hours revelry and relaxation, but for some lucky individuals, it’s a full-time job. In an article in the Daily Mail, England’s only female beer taster explains that she gets to taste 36 beers a day sometimes.
  • Movie critic: If you love watching movies, then getting a job as a movie critic could be a dream job. You can sit quietly in the dark, watch all the movies you want for free, and sometimes even score free snacks. To be a respected critic, you’ll have to have some sort of education in film history and movie-making, as well as writing, but you’ll also have to have watched tons of movies.
  • Water Slide Tester: This job could be the ultimate career choice for adults who never grew up. The official title for water slide tester is the "cool pool tester," at least for this position with Choice Holidays resorts, which pays their employee to test speed, landing and other standards at pools around the world.
  • Car Test Driver: lists BMW Test Driver as a dream job for its readers, but any car fanatic or adventuresome spirit would probably love racing around in a brand new BMW (or other luxury car company with the same position). You’ll have to drive in the city, in suburbia, and of course, on the highway.
  • Condom tester: This next job trumps sex columnist, unless you’re looking for a stable salary. This gig pays in a pack of free condoms and the opportunity to be chosen in a drawing for a $1,000 bonus prize. The "job" was only open to Australians.
  • Medical marijuana dispensary reviewer: Not many jobs in the U.S. require you to really know your pot. But in Colorado and other states, some marijuana experts are needed to check the quality of medical marijuana dispensaries — not officially reviewing the pot, but the services. You’ll have to have a certificate that proves you need the drug for medical reasons
  • Luxury bed tester: Some people might consider a gig as a sleep study subject a dream job, but being hooked up to all those machines would make it hard to relax. A better choice would be a luxury bed tester. This job paid $1,600 to a college student to try out luxury beds for a month, though she did have to participate in a sleep study as well.
  • All expenses paid wine tester and blogger: What’s better than being a regular old wine tester? An all expenses paid wine tester. shares the story of Hardy Wallace, a social media ambassador for the Murphy-Goode Winery. Wallace got paid $10,000 a month for six months, plus rent.
  • Food critic: There are some downsides to being a food critic: restaurant owners either love you or hate you; you have to work extra hard to keep your figure; and you probably end up critiquing every single thing you ever eat. But there are lots of reasons this job is a dream career, too. You can eat for free, eat at extremely expensive, exclusive and exotic restaurants that you’d otherwise never get into, and often be the first to try a new dish or restaurant.
  • Personal stylist and shopper: Successful personal stylists get paid lucrative salaries to shop for clients, sometimes even high profile celebrities or local personalities. If you love shopping and staying on top of fashion trends, this could be a dream job. In order to make it to the top, however, you’ll have to be able to put aside your own tastes for the sake of the client’s lifestyle, figure and wishes.
  • Ice Cream Taster: Besides chocolate, what other dessert would you love to taste for a living? Ice cream is one of the more popular snacks in America, and it comes in all kinds of flavors which means ice cream testers are very busy at work. Official Dreyer taster John Harrison explains that he samples every single flavor the company makes.
  • Gadget reviewer: Gadget geeks love trying out and even deconstructing new toys as soon as they’re released onto the market, but what if you could fiddle around with them before they’re released to the public? In-house gadget testers and gadget reviewers at media outlets are paid to play for their professional opinion.
  • Music Critic: Besides getting sent free CDs to review, music critics — at least those who work for more mainstream publications or widely read blogs — music critics get backstage access and free concert tickets, often getting the opportunity to interview high profile musicians and performers, too.
  • Casino or Club Host: If you’re into the glamorous, glittery world of casinos and exclusive clubbing, consider being a host for high-profile clients. Depending on your exact job description and the company you work for, the job can sometimes get a little slimy, but if you stick to your morals, you can have a lot of fun wining and dining your guests at luxurious hotels and restaurants.

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2 Responses to “20 Incredible Dream Jobs That Really Do Exist”

  1. Paul Hughes on May 6th, 2010 2:05 pm

    These jobs are great, but I’m not sure if I would classify them as dream jobs perse, but to each his own. I would definitely love to be a food critic or film critic — getting paid in person to do things you would normally do anyways, that’s the way to go. Thanks for the list, I’ll keep a look out for these positions =)

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