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WHAT WOULD SHALLY DO? “Sourcing Elvis” Goes Global @ ONREC (WEBVIDEO)

Where oh where is Shally “Elvis” Steckerl today? In Singapore my friends, in Singapore! Shally continues to spread his brand of sourcing evangelism world-wide. My inside scoop tells me that he was last seen having a plate of shumai, (He coorected me when I asked him about tuna rolls) In the spirit of JobMachine’s growing […]

The Significance of Being … Endorsed

“Recruitment is a human experience it cannot be squared into a box. Looking for an honest endorsement ‘¦ good or bad’¦You don’t have to say much. Just that I was nice to you one day or not” I disagree. Is being ‘nice’ a sufficient basis for endorsing someone for a job at Linkedin or extending […]

Welcome To My Six Degrees

After many unexpected delays due to design issues, evolving duties at Freescale Semiconductor relocating to Colorado and a newborn … (did I mention design issues?) I am pleased to announce day 1 of “Six Degrees from Dave.” I envision “Six Degrees from Dave” as a place where a broad circle of friends and guests join […]