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Tweet Did you know that Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra broke up after two long years of marriage? Who would ever have imagined these two wouldn’t grow old together and rock on their porch swing speaking of days gone by? I ask if you knew because Carmen is sad. Yes I know she’s a lovely […]

Jim Stroud is Teaching “Advanced Keyword Strategies For Recruiters!”

Tweet Advanced Keyword Strategies for Recruiters is a free class hosted on the Jim Stroud 2.0 blog. It is a 3-part tutorial designed to help recruiters improve their online searching for resumes. It is intended for both beginners and intermediate users. It is scheduled to appear online on Tuesday, August 29, 2006 – Thursday, August […]

“It’s About Professional Conduct, Stupid!

Tweet The Recruiting Animal, said it best today in reference to an entire cottage industry of “personal brand management” companies that will perfect your online image for a price. You can just as easily dilute your personal brand … for free and with little effort by simply opening your proverbial mouth. Our recruitment blogosphere in […]

“Office Values” – 15 Minutes of Hilarity On What Not to Say or Do

Tweet Compliments to Stephen @ Recruitment Views Rick Gervais aka Dave Brent Discuss “Office Values” Posted by Stephen under Funnies No Comments Vintage Ricky Gervais,(BBC’s “The Office”) in a 15 minute short film, “Office Values” which plays as an internal training/ mock interview. Ricky manages to discuss how not to hire someone according to his […]

WEEKEND REVIEW – Durbin Case Study: How do you use a Blog to Get a Job?

Tweet On Weekends, I intend to refer to memorable blog postings I most often forwarded within corporate and among industry peers throughout the last week. Tis my disclaimer should anyone query about original content, that I find it imperative we broaden the reach of noteworthy and informative pieces and the authors who labored to tell […]


Tweet Everytime Shally Writes … a tree falling within the recruitment forest is heard round the industry Friday, August 25, 2006 THE RECRUITER AS WE KNOW IT IS A WALKIN’ FOSSIL! posted by Shally “The Sultan” Steckerl I’ve been involved with International Sourcing for about six years now. In my virtual travels to places like […]

JIM STROUD PODCAST – “Who’s Afraid of The Blogging Wolf?”

Tweet There is a core of fellow recruitment brethen who follow the golden rule and build each other up because we believe in each other’s contributions, and in the importance of developing meaningful Social Relationship Networks. Above all we believe in the cause itself. Perhaps SRN is simply about friendships some would say, – true, […]

Yakudo Taiko Drums Beat for Social Networks & Talent Blogs As The New Job Boards

Tweet In the last two weeks I have seen a steady stream of media giving added credence to my report, “Integrating Branding, Online Methodologies & Corporate Functions,” a consolidated version of a series of proposals I developed last March at Freescale Semiconductor and which I recently presented to leadership in Phoenix on August 7th. Joel […]

JOEL CHEESMAN: Blogs As The New Job Boards

Tweet By Joel Cheesman A Wise Man said, “Maybe a little less gorilla and a lot more ant is a better answer. And maybe blogs will help get us there.” Reading Joel Cheesman’s site is thee daily online Ivy League tutorial on SEO issues, Vertical Job Search and Talent Blogging. Your RSS feed cries out […]

Steven Kempton @ Asia Pacific HeadHunter Writes on Recruiters who Get Bad Reps

Tweet Asia Pacific HeadHunter is always an awesome read and yesterday Steven Kempton tackled the issue of the type of situations and recruiters who can often give the industry a bad reputation. The underlining theme is feedback is essential. Personally, I would add the addendum, “FOLLOW-UP IS KEY” – to the equation. Candidates are often […]

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