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Featured in Zoom Info’s October 2006 Newsletter By Dave Mendoza, Strategic Tools & Sourcing Management Consultant and JobMachine, Inc. Partner. Sales Skills are Essential Recruiters are challenged on many fronts, from narrow job specs to the reality of a decreasing labor pool. It’s now commonplace for recruiters to seek alternatives to their tired resume database. […]

SHALLY’S WAY: Revealing Exalead

Thursday, October 12, 2006 Shally Steckerl, founder, JobMachine, Inc. In January of 2005 I brought you my first mention of Exalead then in June 2005 I gave it a bit more thorough treatment, but this French search wonder has been around since October 2004. Sure, I’ve had my eye on it since late in ’04 […]

Recruiting Bloggers Site Launched!

By Recruiting Animal The Recruitosphere is going through a period of consolidation, isn’t it? And there’s a few ways to do this. 1. A Live Feed runs a ticker tape of all the recruiting blogs through one site. I have one on this site (below). 2. A Digg-style Live Feed lets readers sort the good […]


A Special Message from Shally Steckerl, Founder of JobMachine, Inc. Greetings CyberSleuths! I’m very excited to announce that JobMachine will once again be offering on-site training! Through a partnership with Dave Mendoza we will be able to deliver our famous curriculum directly to you on location. Dave will conduct workshops on direct sourcing and research […]


Ryan Money is CEO and founder of HireVue. Ryan … MONEY? Fortunate namesake or shrewd personal branding? I have had the good fortune (no pun intended) to meet and chat with this Utah native at various ERE and Kennedy Expo events and I had an opportunity to learn about the latest offering in Web 2.0 […]


Microsoft’s Sourcing guru and blogger celeb, Jimmy Stroud at Jim Stroud 2.0 gave me the scoop on his latest recruitment blogosphere project – a new website designed specifically for the busy recruiter – “The Day In Recruiting.” From one page you can scan the headlines of the more popular recruiting blogs, recruiting news headlines, recruiting […]

SHALLY’S WAY: Keyword Mutation Detection and the Art of Seeking

If you are interested in On-Site training to learn Advanced Sourcing Methods, the Shally Way, send us an email at JobMachine, Inc. Wednesday, July 12, 2006 By Shally Steckerl The Holy grail. Perhaps the “holy grail” in my line of work is the disambiguation of search results, or at least that is a worthy goal […]

CHEESMAN: Public Relations Is Great, But How’s Your Blogger Relations?

By Joel Cheesman pr’s great, but how’s your br? Don’t get me wrong. PR, or public relations, is great. When a news source highlights your product or service, remarkable happens. That said, BR, or blog relations, is outpacing the influence of PR. Bloggers represent the world’s best, and sometimes most prominent ‘sneezers,’ as Seth […]

HCI WEBCAST: FREE! – Advanced Candidate Sourcing

This Webcast Series Title: A New Breed – Painting the Picture of a World Class Sourcer Who: Tim O’ Connor, and Otis Collier, Suzy Tonini When: Thu, Oct 12 / 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM ET Where: On The Web Register For: This FREE Webcast The Series It has long been said that recruiting and […]


When I learned my good friend, Ryan Money, CEO at HireVue, was having lunch with JibberJobber’s Jason Alba, I smiled. This guy, Jason, is meeting all the right people and making all the right moves with a great idea. What was even more enthralling was that he had a story everyone could relate to, we […]

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