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New at Six Degrees – How To Re-Engineer & Train Your Staffing Organization

Check out the NEW “JobMachine Services“ and “About Shally” pages on the top of the left sidebar of this site to review our offerings and capabilities at JobMachine Inc. To set up a conference call with your senior leadership to discuss our consultative services, such as organization architecture and training in advanced sourcing methods you […]

MEET CARL CHAPMAN, Confessions of a Restaurant Recruiter

by Dave Mendoza, Strategic Tools & Sourcing Management Consultant and JobMachine, Inc. Partner. As a Roman Catholic, I’ve entered many a confessional booth and never recalled answering to a restaurant recruiter. In my latest manifestation, as recruiter, sourcer, consultant, I never had the opportunity to shake the hand of a restaurant recruiter. As a recruitment […]

Sourcing Passive Candidates – Is It Advanced Calculus?

* send Shally an email * read Shally’s bio There’s quite a bit of “Advanced Calculus” in what is commonly referred to as sourcing or research. Some teachers unfortunately will try to complicate it even further in an attempt to make it look harder than it is. But, just like in Math class, the good […]

“ALI G” WEBVIDEO:The Interviewer & His Questions Speaks Volumes About the Opportunity

Ali G interviews Boutros Boutros Gali, former UN Secretary General. Apparently he is unaware of the platform and yet answers every ridiculous question with complete seriousness. Any applicant who can address questions with this degree of patience and clarity has a shot at being hired … anyone interviewing a candidate without knowing the fundamentals of […]

Technology Review: Social Networking 3.0

With the onset of the holiday week, I thought I would take this opportunity to provide some fundamental information for our more recent readers. The third generation of social-networking technology has hit the Web, and it’s about content as much as contacts. By Wade Roush, Friday, November 18, 2005 If there were a competition for […]


I am going to try a little experiment. My theory is if I write they will come, so here it goes. I want to invite my global recruitment colleagues, be it in India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Romania, The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand ….anywhere to write me an email. Shally and I at […]

QUESTION OF THE DAY – Have You Sent Me A Linkedin Invite Yet? (Three Things To Say Today)

by Dave Mendoza, Strategic Tools & Sourcing Management Consultant and JobMachine, Inc. Partner. To my loyal daily readers of “Six Degrees from Dave” I wanted to take this opportunity to accomplish three things. 1) Thank you, and a heart felt show of appreciation at that … for the 23,000 page views in the short time […]

Shally Steckerl – Developing an Internal, Dedicated Sourcing Team – Six Key Questions to Ask

Friday, November 17, 2006 by Shally Steckerl * send Shally an email * read Shally’s bio In the Recruiting Leadership forum, Amy Johnson asked some key questions about how to design and build an internal team dedicated exclusively to sourcing. In my book, Electronic Recruiting 101, I review in detail the structure of a successful […]

NewsFlash – Shally Unleashed!

By Shally Steckerl, Founder, JobMachine Inc. Well I did it, I took the plunge, I have left the ranks of the “employed” to become an entrepreneur. This past Friday was my last day at Microsoft and yesterday was my first day as full-time “Founder and Consultant” with my own firm, JobMachine, Inc. So what am […]

Steve Levy: Part 3 – One Brick at a Time

By Steve Levy, Principal Outsideâ– theâ– Box Consulting Talent Acquisition and Organizational Effectiveness Consulting I volunteered to pick El Dave up at the airport this past Monday on his way to Kennedy’s Recruiting 2006 Conference (a MUST attend conference – the next one is May 2007 in Viva Las Vegas), and vowed to show this former metro […]

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