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Six Degrees Wins Popular Vote & CheezHead Wins 2006 Best Blog Awards

Six Degrees wins the MOST amount of votes! By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth and all round nice guy 🙂 Six Degrees earned the most votes, with 241 Votes cast, Gautam Ghosh, whose blog we hold in high esteem came in next, with Shally “Elvis” rounding out top three vote getters. Combined, Shally Steckerl, my partner […]

Meet Russell Glass: Indiana Russell & The Temple of Zoom!

by Dave Mendoza, Master Cyberseluth & Partner, JobMachine, Inc. VISIT Free Demo: Russell Glass Position: Vice President, Products and Marketing, Zoom Information Inc. Education: Duke University BSEE, Mechanical Engineering, Economics For years humankind has been searching for the holy grail technology tool to identify passive talent. Protected by forces beyond imagination, it is desired […]

Glenn Gutmacher’s “How to Make a Kick-Butt Recruiting Blog Portal”

By Glenn Gutmacher, Master Cybersleuth Read Glenn’s Linkedin Profile Website Zoe’s post on JobSyntax about whether job postings on blogs distract Job Seekers, especially given that most of these postings are generic feeds (at best filtered by “category,” whatever that means). It inspired my following take on the issue of what a recruiting blog should […]

RECRUITING.COM’s BLOG OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2006, Nominations Are Over …. Let The Final Voting Begin!

I want to thank everyone who nominated “Six Degrees From Dave” for the Best Blog Awards – thanks to your efforts this site has now a Finalist. The Nominations phase is over, …let the Votes That Count …BEGIN! to Vote for “Six Degrees From Dave,” vote here: To cast your votes, the format […]

MEET CRAIG SILVERMAN, HireAbility’s Evangelist for Recruitment Partnerships

“… and they’re always glad you came. You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same Your gonna be where everybody knows Your name” Watching recruiters who can not understand that half a placement (a split deal) is better than no deal at all for everyone involved, including the client and […]

“PEER REGREGRESSION ANALYSIS,” Shally & Rob Share Sourcing Strategy

Flashback Article, originally Posted 29 weeks, 6 days ago at Shally Steckerl, Founder, JobMachine, Inc. * send Shally an email * read Shally’s bio We also look at people who turned us down in the past, or who interviewed, but were not selected for that role at that particular time. They may be a […]

DELL COMPUTERS TA ACADEMY – A Commitment To Recruiting Excellence

By Dave Mendoza, Partner, Master Cybersleuth JobMachine, Inc. This past week, I had the honor and privilege to meet Dell’s impressive talent organization in Round Rock, Texas as a Presenter/Trainer at Dell’s Talent Acquisition Academy. I observed a revolutionary concept, first-hand, – a three day internal corporate conference to train, inform and invigorate a Fortune […]

See The Full Sourcing Enchilada in Boston Dec 6th

by Shally Steckerl, Founder, JobMachine, Inc. * send Shally an email * read Shally’s bio I’m flying to Boston next week to speak at the AOEP event Dec. 6th called “Challenge of the Sourcing Sleuths.” Glenn, Krista and I will take the toughest requisitions from the audience and show them how to fill pipeline quickly […]