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HARRY JOINER, Executive Search Recruiter, “No Blog, No Sale”

Connect directly with Harry’s Linkedin network Harry Joiner is an executive recruiter specializing in integrated marketing and “new media.” His clients and candidates appear frequently in magazines like Fast Company, Internet Retailer, Advertising Age, and Multichannel Merchant. Harry is author of Marketing, and a well respected recruitment blogger and peer within the community. […]

Kennedy Info Audio Event: “Blogging Your Way to Recruitment Success” (This Thursday)

Audio Seminar 3: Perspectives on the Evolution of Blogs March 1st, Thursday @ 1 PM EST, 10 AM PST A 3-Part Audio Training Series with Dave Mendoza Speakers: Dave Mendoza (Moderator), Colin Kingsbury, Michael Keleman & Amitai Givertz ONLY $275 – To Sign Up for Thursday’s Audio Conference CLICK HERE: For more information, to register, […]

PERSPECTIVES: Matt Martone On “Bloggers Influence Upon the Recruitment Industry”

Voices from the Recruitment Blogosphere By Matt Martone, Recruitment Media Sales Executive at Yahoo! Send LinkedIn Invites For Matt Here 1) What substantive examples exist where blogs have influenced the products vendors develop, or the way products are marketed? Blogs have influenced and will continue to influence product development in the recruitment space. Here are […]

PERSPECTIVES: CM Russell “The Influence of Blogs on the Recruitment Industry”

Voices from the Recruitment Blogosphere Today, I thank CM for taking the time and effort to respond and participate in this week long series as we develop a collective discussion on the value proposition of recruitment blogging as both Influencer and StakeHolder. By CM Russell, Founder, Author of 1. 1) What substantive **EXAMPLES** exist […]

PERSPECTIVES: John Sumser On The Influence of Blogs on the Recruitment Industry

Often when discussing the issue with staffing executives, the issue of Blogging comes up, and it’s a topic of curiosity. The principle question among them being, the “Value Proposition” – “Why do Recruitment Blogs Matter?” As an effort to answer that question, from as broad a perspective as possible, I enlisted industry voices throughout the […]

VLOG: “I Feel Like Someone Is Watching”

A video blog takes over a young man’s life. A continuing interactive web series where subscribers’ comments can affect the story. Episode One: I feels someone watching. This Vlog speaks volumes about the possibilities within developing social media. “It’s not about the story, it’s also about meta-media: using the web to tell something which is […]

MEET JAMES DURBIN: Durbin Media Group – Durbin, James Durbin

By Dave Mendoza, Partner, JobMachine and Master Cybersleuth Hi name is Durbin, James Durbin Meet James Durbin, at Durbin Media Group.James is one of the leading maestro’s of our space who have significantly contributed to elevating the chorus of Social Media as an intricate component of staffing strategy. For those who frequent, he’s a […]

Child-Safety Experts Call For Restrictions On Childhood Imagination

The Onion “Defuse the ticking time-bomb known as your child’s imagination before it explodes and destroys her completely,” said child-safety expert Kenneth McMillan, who advised the HHS in composing the guidelines. “New data shows a disturbing correlation between serious accidents and the ability of children to envision a world full of exciting possibility.” The guidelines, […]

QUESTION: How have Blogs Directly & Sustantively Influenced the Recruitment Industry?

March 1st, next week – is the 3rd Installment of my Kennedy Audio ‘s three part series on Blogging, entitled “Perspectives on the Evolution of Blogs” . This one will focus on the Influence of blogs on the recruitment industry. I would very much appreciate your input on examples where you feel the industry has […]

Unconference Videos now Online: Watch Shally’s Sustainable Sourcing Track

THANK YOU Sean Rehder! You are ‘da man! Thanks to Sean all of the video summaries from the Talent Unconference are now up on the site and available for your viewing pleasure. Please visit to view them, and be sure to drop a line to Sean and the rest of the Unconference team for volunteering […]

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