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Wall Street Crisis: Calls for Regulation Not from the Usual Suspects?

The Community Reinvestment Act isn’t the sole source of the current financial crisis. It took the government-sponsored entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to multiply the hazards created by the CRA. In 2004 Fannie Mae’s federal regulator issued a critical preliminary report on Fannie Mae’s accounting policies, financial controls and financial reporting process. I believe […]

Happy Birthday John Sumser!

ABOUT JOHN SUMSER Linkedin Profile John Sumser is a trusted friend, personal mentor and a gracious advisor to He founded the innovative concept known as the “RecruitingRoadshow,” which features industry thought leaders and corporate staffing innovators across the country to share cutting edge concepts with the masses of rank and file among peers. Its […]

Hindsight Is Expensive: Cause & Effect In Perspective of Wall Street Collapse

The current Financial Crisis directly impacts our industry, and to that end I have been researching its origins which – given that we must learn history’s mistakes not to repeat them, I will share this column from Winter year 2000 by Howard Husock For additional resources, fact check these articles: * “Fannie’s Perilous Pursuit of […]

Happy Weekend: “I’m Yours”

Happy Weekend: “Upside Down”

Meet Kal Luben, Sourcing Lead at Freescale Semiconductor: “How Does He Do It?”

By Dave Mendoza, Partner, Partner JobMachine Inc. RecruitingBlogs Profile Email Kal Linkedin Profile Originally posted on I was first introduced to Kal in 2005 on a split fee arrangement to source candidates to fill a position for his client. A few weeks had passed and in our “small word” moment learned we had […]

Death March

Great Article I read by Christine Y. Chen Apr 25 2008 founder Jeff Taylor is hoping to wrest control of paid death notices from the newspaper industry, just as he did with employment postings. Several years ago, founder Jeff Taylor was chatting with his mother when he found out that she was a […]

SixDegrees on Facebook &

Practicing what I preach about not depending on any one network and diversifying, I wanted to ask my friends a few things: 1) How to Join SixDegreesfromDave on (Joining Gives First Access to lists, tips, contests) Click: 2) How to Add me as a friend. My Facebook profile: Click: 3) How to […]

Happy Birthday Craig Silverman, “Meaningful Relationships”

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, JobMachine Inc. My friend Craig can sing (after midnight belting out tunes as JD played drums in the basement at Recruitfest), he can dance and above all he is a great speaker: Our friend Craig Silverman, Executive Vice President at presenting at the morning session on the topic of “Meaningful […]

Thomas F.X. Licari at ONREC: Conquers The Conference Circuit

Jason Davis, Founder of Interviews Thomas F.X. Licari. This is one of the most personal, transparent interview I have seen to date, and the results are … rather hilarious as much as they are unexpected. Thomas you are a great guy. Join SixDegreesfromDave “The Group” at, HERE Join SixDegreesfromDave “The Group” at Facebook, […]

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