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Happy Weekend: “I Ran” – Flock of Seagulls


Charity of The Month: Raising $2,500″ on Behalf of “Big Brothers Big Sisters”

Tweet Recruitosphere contributor, innovative social media provacateur, Chris Hoyt, is always keeping his eye out for bringing the fun to the dynamic and in this case he doesn’t surprise. He saw a good cause, he reached out within the community and directly and we respond in the afirmative to the cause and to his […]

Meet Kevin Plantan, VP of Sales at ERE Media – King of The Mohito Handshake

Tweet By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, Author, VP of Sales, ERE Media Advertising and Events Direct: 804.262.0189 email: Meet my friend, Kevin Plantan, Vice President at ERE Media. Each and every ERE Conference, usually after the first reception night of the greetings … there is one person whose smile couldn’t be […]

RBC Contest Winner: Dennis Smith Cliff Diving at Tensing Pen (Negril, Jamaica)

Tweet Find more videos like this on Dennis Smith of Fame, was the winner of the “RBC Video” contest sponsored by Broadlook. Our Hero, Dennis Smith, thinking aloud “Should I stay or Should I Go Now?!” as he became our guinea pig as the first to volunteer to jump the bridge at […]

Stagflation Warning?: Neil Cavuto Interviews Brit Hume on Stimulus and Cyclical Forces

Tweet An excellent political and economic analysis: “The negative impact (the amount of deficit spending) may happen sooner rather than later. If that happens and it slows the recovery and keeps us in a period of slow and sluggish growth and higher taxes have to be imposed ….” “to say nothing of the hyper inflation […]

Craig Campbell, Veteran Strategic Sourcing Manager: “How Does He Do It?”

Tweet By Dave Mendoza Part 2. See Part one HERE • RecruitingBlogs Profile • Linkedin Profile • Twitter • Facebook Page • Website • Personal Blog • Email Craig • Phone: 425-213-0167 Veteran Innovator and Corporate Talent Manager, Craig Campbell details how he did his magic at companies such as Manpower International, Microsoft,, Starbucks […]

Our Hero, Dennis Smith at Tensing Pen, Cliff Diving 300 Million feet into water full of sharks & rabid rabbits!!!

Tweet Our Hero, Dennis Smith, thinking aloud “Should I stay or Should I Go Now?!” as he became our guinea pig as the first to volunteer to jump the bridge at Tensing Pen. It was about 25 to 30 feet up. You would think watching Dennis it was 300 feet – but in his defense, […]

TRADERS REVOLT: Chicago Stock Exchange Floor Mocks Stimulus Plan


SixDegrees New Top Ten+

Tweet NETWORKING LIST: Six Degrees Friends, I just got back from holiday and I apologize for the sporadic posts this past week. I am back, tan and rested and hoping all of you are ready to welcome new friends and add them to your community. In these tough economic time, we could all use […]

Job Creation? Explaining Failure of Stimulus Act To Deal with Root Causes of Crisis

Tweet I was exceptionally impressed with the makers of the webvideo. Worth every second. Nothing comes to close to explaining the root causes of the economic crisis and the current problems with the stimulus bill about to be signed into law.

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