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Meet Doug Kerken, Business Development Director at OptiJob, Part 2

• RecruitingBlogs Profile • Linkedin • Facebook • Twitter • Website • Personal Causes: • Location: Point Pleasant Beach NJ • Office: 732.903.6923 • Cell: 732.300.5159 • Personal Email Six Degrees: How many applicants at your present employer do you estimate are hired from your corporate website as compared to how many are hired […]

The $60 Billion Fraud

Medicare and Medicaid fraudsters are beating U.S. taxpayers out of an estimated $90 billion a year using a billing scam that is surprisingly easy to execute. Steve Kroft investigates Watch CBS News Videos Online

Free Broadlook Webinars: “Beyond ProfilerX Technology; Business Process Strategies that Impact Sales”

As everyone who reads SixDegreesfromDave knows, I am a big fan of both Broadlook and its team led by Donato Diorio. As usual the company is giving thought leadership and practical ‘how to” advise for recruiters – for free! Join Broadlook’s CEO Donato Diorio to learn about “Beyond ProfilerX Technology; Business Process Strategies that Impact […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

Blog Post: # SixDegreesfromDave Blog Post: "Meet Doug Kerken, RecruitingBlogs Activist, ..Falling Three Floors Down," # Just signed @lruettimann's Congratulations card. Congratulations Laurie! #hashlove # Powered by Twitter Tools

Meet Doug Kerken, RecruitingBlogs Activist – “The Tropical Feeling of Falling Three Floors Down A World Trade Center Elevator”

Doug Quotables: “My little man Homer””… dogs are my thing … I love big ones, little ones, hairy ones, crazy ones and even droolly ones too. My little man Homer is a rescue and I really wish I could rescue all the dogs that aren’t cared for properly. Homer wouldn’t dig that too much but […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18

Blog Post: # RT @recruitingblogs Meet Doug Kerken, RecruitingBlogs Activist – "The Tropical Feeling of Falling Three Floors Down … # SixDegreesfromDave New Top Ten+ Industry Activists Networking List,, Instructions – # RT @recruitingblogs The Man with the Hat and a Dream, Part Two – # RT @recruitingblogs Maren […]

Meet Gino Conti, RecruitingBlogs Activist – Part 2: “Recruiting Tips”

• Gino, Conti, Employment Specialist, Nissan North America • Location: Detroit, Michigan • RecruitingBlogs Profile • Linkedin • Facebook • Twitter • Website 248.488.4177 (Office) 248.894.8966 (Cell) • Email Read Gino’s Blog Post Archives: • “Maybe those brainless single-celled blobs have it right after all…” • “Dignity in Downsizing” • “I won’t blame them for […]

Meet Luigi Lupo, 15+ Year Staffing Industry Veteran, DoubleStar’s Talent Measurement & Acquisition Services

• RecruitingBlogs Profile • Linkedin Profile • Facebook Profile • Twitter • Personal Blog • Community Volunteering: SHRM Mentor Program • Cell Number: 484-802-8827 • Personal Email Luigi has over 15 years of Recruitment and Operational Staffing experience, with expertise in designing and implementing complex, high-volume strategic staffing programs and initiatives domestically and internationally. Strong […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11

RT @recruitingblogs Meet Gino Conti – # ECONOMY: "Between the Headlines, Numbers Looks Worse" – – # I am a fan of the @animal because he dares you 🙂 Follow him. I dare you. # RT @davemendoza Meet Eric Raynard, Part 2 : Six Degrees from Dave – 20 Year Veteran […]

Siena Blue & Family At Boulder Creek

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