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Twitter Job Seeking: A Homeless Software Developer Details His Struggle

Tweet A man who used to work in the software industry cashed in his frequent flyer miles for hotel stays as a way to survive. He is using Twitter to find new job. HomelessThomOC

Steve Levy: “Screw the Parachute: Unconventional Ways to Amp Up Your Job Search”

Tweet Today we are honored to have Steve Levy’s featured guest contribution, – one of the finest writers in the blogosphere and a good friend. Steve Levy was the very first of a series of “Meet” profiles of individuals who have made an impact on our profession, binding the best attributes of “old School” relationship […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

Tweet New Blog Post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21 # Machine pieces together the ripped secrets of the repressive East German communist state – Times Online: # Currently reading Senate Fight Starts: Senate Parliamentarian Will Kill Fix-Its Bill promised to House Blue Dogs # Obamacare’s Delusional Deficit Reduction Claims | The Foundry: […]

Rep. Paul Ryan: The ‘R’ Word

Tweet Watch the latest news video at

Cavuto: “Crazy is Not a Movement”

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Sourcecon Highlights: Shally Steckerl “Key Sourcing & Social Media Initiatives for 2010: Distilled Wisdom from 1200 Staffing Leaders”

Tweet When I say this was one of his best presentations, it reads as if I said this was one of the best Lamborgini’s – it seems redundant in spirit, and yet … all bias aside the content speaks for itself my friends. Sourcecon: The surge in unemployment during 2008 and 2009 changed the way […]

Meet Sylvia Dahlby, at SmartSearchOnline “Helping Clients Maximize Their ROI”

Maximize Processes & Minimize Costs w/ Total Integration

(Hilarious!) Conan O’Brien: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

Tweet Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis from Between Two Ferns

Sourcecon Highlights: Marvin Smith – “Employing Talent Communities to Rehumanize the Recruiting Process”

Tweet No more “apply and goodbye” to all but the chosen one. Marvin Smith gave a superb review of the exciting ways in which Microsoft talent sourcers are building talent communities—a pipeline of talent created by putting the human touch into a technology-based recruiting process. About Marvin Smith As a Talent Community Evangelist, Marvin identifies […]

Sourcecon Highlights: Russ Moon & John Turnberg Present “Firefox Add-ons” As Sourcing Tools

Tweet At last week’s Sourcecon conference, one of the most anticipated and well received breakout sessions was the Firefox Lab. Russ Moon and John Turnberg presented one of the first “Crowd Sourcing” themed discussions as a means to interact as a community in sharing their top “add-ons” and how to use them, in return for […]

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