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Who Can Make the Sunset on Daylight Savings Time? The Government Can!

I agree with every lyric

Jon Gundersgaard Revisted: Three Decades of Staffing Wisdom

Jon Gundersgaard Sr. Technical Recruiter at Seagate Technology • Linkedin • Facebook • Twitter Profile • Community Volunteering: I have spent a lot of time at Inner Light Ministries which is an Omni Faith outreach ministry and am active in a men’s group. I am part of a Vipassana meditation group. I am part of […]

Mashable: “10 Killer Tips for Creating a Branded YouTube Channel”

Catherine-Gail Reinhard is Executive Producer & Director at Videasa, an award-winning web video agency that creates campaigns on YouTube and emerging media platforms. You can follow her on Twitter @catherine_gail. There was a time when YouTube was considered a wild-wild west of content — a place where marketers shied away from uploading their commercials, let […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-25

New Blog Post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18 # I favorited a YouTube video — Testimonial, Microsoft # I favorited a YouTube video — John Phillips on Game Changing Talent Acquisition # I favorited a YouTube video — Doug Berg on Breaking Down Barriers # I favorited a YouTube video — […]

The Formula for Effective Facebook Ads: “Understanding the Value of a Social Media Impression”

Compliments of Mashable: Understanding the Value of a Social Media Impression

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18

New Blog Post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-11 # RT @virginiapoly Canada's growth outshines rest of G7 – # William Shatner Pushes "Sulu" George Takei # Nimoy recounts to Shatner "Learn to play an accordian, you can always make a living playing the accordian," # RT @mashable Palm is For […]

Fall across all Our Yesterdays

Say I’m crying I’m looking at what’s on T.V Pain and suffering And the struggle to be free Say you’re mine And give yourself to the Feelings that you know I’m needing All that you can give me All the things That you do so well Words are healing Sweet anticipation Making spells As the […]

Recognized Among Top 25 Online Influencers in Talent Management

The Top 25 Online Influencers in Talent Management list is the third of a series developed by John Sumser’s HR Examiner. Every 60 days or so, it reviews a different silo in the HR profession. As stated in its latest ranking announcement, HR Examiner began with the Top 25 Online Influencers in all of HR […]

Meet Virginia Poly, “The Force is With Poly Placements”: Leading One of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Staffing Firms

“… I started Poly Placements in 2006 when I was transitioning from maternity leave back into the workforce. In our first year, it was just me and another recruiter, mostly working from home – our 2006 revenues were $2600! Now, I have 7 full-time employees and 50+ contractors in the field at any given time. […]

Join A Worthy Cause: The Disability Candidate Experience

This article was originally featured on ERE I feel so lucky that I am still working after 27 years with it and love every day I am alive. Jon Gundersgaard Yesterday, I featured an interview of Jon Gundersgaard, a thirty year veteran of the HR/Staffing Industry. Jon’s compelling life story as someone who was diagnosed […]

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