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Climber’s Catalyst: Social Media Convergence for the Job Seeker

View Other job seeker relevant tools and advice at David Perry’s latest launch, ** To View Climber Catalyst offerings and capabilities first-hand register for free HERE In a challenging economic environment, we often assume that the number of unemployed provides target rich active candidates that are easily assessable. The unexpected complication however reveals a […]

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Social Media “Strategists,” Experts” “Thought Leaders” And Other Over-Used Terms

A strategist is consultative or entrepreneurial in nature who presents findings bench marking current practices and provides recommendations that provide nuance if not complete departures from the current practices and once approved by their clients, employs them with vigor.

Most Effective Political Ad of 2010: “Mourning in America”

This ad is the polar opposite of Reagan’s 1984 commercial “Morning in America” Powerful

Meet My friend Lorne Epstein, CEO of InsideJobs & Community Giver

• Linkedin: • Facebook: • Twitter: @InSide_Job • Website: • Community Volunteering: I give free lectures to college students and professionals on how to interview. My talks are based on my book “You’re Hired! Interview skills to get the job.” I was a co-founder of RecruitDC with other local HR professionals. • […]

Congressman Paul Ryan on MSNBC: “Let’s have an honest debate”

Hat Tip This is a thing of beauty – Republican Congressman Paul Ryan schooling two MSNBC hosts about ObamaCare. It’s not just that they’re ignorant, it’s that they’re proudly ignorant. If you want to skip ahead to minute 03:28, it really gets good when Katrina Vanden Heuvel joins the discussion to demonstrate her complete ignorance. […]

Follow My Friend Brad Cook, VP Talent Acquisition on Twitter

Do me a favor and today connect with my Friend Brad Cook, VP Global Talent Acquisition at Informatica *** Connect with Brad on Linkedin, *** Follow Brad on Twitter: ONE RULE: Do *NOT* Solicit Brad Cook, simply network!

Man Versus Wild: Meet Brad Cook, Global Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Informatica

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A Bold, Fresh Role Model Governor Answers His Opponents With Candor

With no teleprompters, no script, and all off-the cuff retorts debating a member of the audience, Governor Christie is a rising political star. If only other politicians were as impressive with number crunching, play by play intellectual capability to address citizens with uncommon candor. You may not agree with his Answers, but he stands his […]

Remembrance: Where were You on 9/11?

I received a call early morning, it started with “WE ARE AT WAR!” I said, “What?” I was told to turn the TV on and saw the second plane hit. From Finland my wife’s parents told us that their news had 5 planes unaccounted for in air space and that they were headed for Los […]

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