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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-31

WOW! Apple patent reveals plans for holographic display – Telegraph via @Telegraph # Sorry I’ve been Lazy, Or have I? # RT @davemendoza SpyFu – Spy On Your PPC Competition # Seeking new heavy hitter talent of unsung heroes for 2011 to interview on sixdegreesfromdave – but only by recommendation. Suggestions? # […]

Sorry I’ve been Lazy, Or have I?

I apologize to the masses, but I have been working long hours 7 days a week and preparing to submit an application for a long held goal that will be revealed in the coming months ahead. Fear not, I live and breathe – but as of late simply toil. Interviews of colleagues unsung and sung […]

SpyFu – Spy On Your PPC Competition

A Compassionate Nation: Celebrating USA Aid To Vanquish AIDS in Africa

Recognizing World AIDS Day DID YOU KNOW? Under the Bush administration, more than 2 million people infected with HIV — most of them in Africa — have received lifesaving anti-retroviral treatment as part of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR. The United States increased direct development and humanitarian aid to Africa to […]