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The Story Behind The 2011 ERE Recruiting Excellence Award, Acknowledgements

chrome://foxytunes-public/content/signatures/signature-button.png On March 24th, 2011 my client, Informatica was recognized with the 2011 ERE Recruiting Excellence Award for the category of as “Most Strategic Use of Technology.” The award was based on the talent strategy architecture I developed this past year to establish a sustainable talent library founded upon a robust, competitive intelligence model. More […]

Meet Doug Munro, Staffing Director at Interferometrics – DoD & Intelligence Staffing Expert

• Doug Munro, Staffing Director at Interferometrics • LinkedIn Profile • Facebook • Twitter • Corporate Website • Office (703) 227-8415 • Cell: (202) 957-4620 • Email Doug • Music: Depeche Mode, Sade, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Coldplay • Books: Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets, Shutter Island, Black Hawk Down, The Road, The […]

LSF Interactive “How to Start a Career in Marketing”

How to Start a Career in Marketing Jump-starting your marketing career can be a difficult task, since most companies want a certain level of experience and expertise. Research marketing programs at universities near you that meet your unique needs, such as online course or flexible schedules. If you already have a degree, it may merely […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-25

I subscribed to BBCComedy's channel on YouTube. # I subscribed to sxephil's channel on YouTube. # I liked a YouTube video — Soundtracking app released # Check this video out –iphone "Soundtracking" app released via @youtube # Make Any Content on the Web Embeddable With Embedly: # RT @mashable WALKTHROUGH: […]

Meet Cindy Cloud, An Employer Branding Expert for All Seasons

While it’s not traditional for Six Degrees from Dave to interview the employer branding aspect; it’s an imperative contribution to the talent strategy equation. The bells and whistles of social media do not chime effectively on their own … they need a conductor to entice a candidate following. Cindy Cloud represents the best of new breed who ensures the symphony is in pitch and makes the work of talent strategists, such as myself. all the easier knowing this rare resource in most corporate talent acquisition organizations is someone to partner with.”
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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-18

Radiation levels at damaged Japanese nuke plant 1,000 x higher than normal 'Possibility of radioactive leak' #prayforjapan # I favorited a YouTube video — Demo AT&T Iphone Careers App # I favorited a YouTube video — the "real" Crete # I favorited a YouTube video — Crete – Popular Destinations # I […]

Free Webinar Today 4:00PM – Building the Ultimate B2B List; Impact your Sales, Marketing & Recruiting

When: Today 4:00PM , Eastern Webinar: Building the Ultimate B2B List; Impact your Sales, Marketing and Recruiting REGISTER:: Sales, marketing, and recruiting live or die on the effectiveness of their data. Where does your data come from? When was it last refreshed? Does it impact sales? Donato is internationally recognized as a thought leader […]

Marni Sampir: Staffing For Women – Recruitment Tips for All

women, staffing, recruitment, “Marni Sampir”

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-04

I subscribed to ydntheater's channel on YouTube. # @vijay2win can I connect with you directly. Impressed with your hadoop background # Do tyrants fear America anymore? It's timid foreign policy is an embarrassment for a global superpower # Powered by Twitter Tools