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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-27

@SubrayaMallya Trying to reach you directly. Can I email you impt question on multi0tenancy? # @adrianco can I reach you by email directly to inquire on a multi-tenancy question? Your expertise would be greatly appreciated! # @gunnarostergren Can we connect by email? I have an impt question concerning multi-tenant architecture # @kumarkartikeya4 can we connect […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-20

Congressman Paul Ryan to Decide on Wisconsin Senate Run as Early as This Week # Will Nintendo's Next Wii Game Console Be the Last of Its Kind? – via @fxnscitech # Students ranked Disney as their first employer preference for the fourth year, according to a survey of top students # […]

Meet Keith Molesworth, Staffing Channels Manager at Intel

“The very first word that comes to my mind every time I hear Keith’s name is “FourSquare”, for his constant need and desire to check in every place we go! I’ve known Keith though for many years and he is an awesome resource for Intel and one we are happy to have held on to […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-06

The wicked warlock is dead! # Doug Munro, My Friend DoDRecruiterDC on Winning As a Contingency Firm # SixDegreesfromDave: Doug Munro, My Friend "DoDRecruiterDC" on Winning As a Contingency Firm, # .Jobs Manager Seeks Arbitration by International Court via @AddThis # Powered by Twitter Tools

Guest post from Doug Munro “Work It Like You Own It”

There are times when all of us can get stuck in rote practices. Often we’ve had success doing something in a particular way, sometimes even repeated success, and it forges a belief that the same approach will continue to be successful. At those moments, once critical analysis indicates there is stagnation, it helps to approach […]

Inbound Recruiter: Your Most Productive Word (action) In Life!!!

In this Video Blog, my friend and colleague from explains one of his tips on superior productivity, which was a “wake up call” for me this week!!! What do you think?

Doug Munro, My Friend “DoDRecruiterDC” on Winning As a Contingency Firm