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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-29

FF @SDCorpRecruiter @shally @DoDRecruiterDC @bkjrecruiter @CMannis1 @HRMargo @LaurieDesAutels @CMannis1 @Gutmach @peopleshark # It’s About Jobs # @FJALES can we follow one another? I'd like to DM you a question on talent acquisition in Spain # @davemendoza featured again as one of The Top 50 Human Resources Blogs of 2011!! # @randyknaflic Can […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-22

Jeremy Kay's incredible “Only One” acoustic video!!! # Gen Y Teaches a Baby Boomer Thing or Two About Resumes, Job Search Strategy, & Art of Landing a Job # @CMannis1 Gen Y Teaches Baby Boomer Thing or 2 About Resumes, Job Search Strategy, & Art of Landing Job # 25 Most Popular […]

Guest post from Doug Munro: It’s About Jobs

I live in Washington, DC so it’s easy to make things political. This town manages to do that with nearly everything. But this is not really about politics even though it may require politicians to truly have an impact. This is about jobs and the crisis that confronts us. A few points to consider: • […]

(Inbound Recruiter) Google+ Recruiter Notes (Google Plus)

(**Guest Post: Brian Johnston/Inbound Recruiter**) In this video, Brian your Inbound Recruiter discusses initial intuition on Google+ platform for an Inbound Recruiter! Please send me email to and I will send you an invite!!! GOOGLE+ Inbound Recruiter NOTES: • Overall very impressive after 2 weeks, and overall 10M users. (Organically) • Google+ Deserves your […]

25 Most Popular Software Applications for HR Professionals

By Hannah Douglas When you work in human resources, you need to know how to manage people, and how to keep things working smoothly. It’s interesting work, and it’s important work. However, there are often a number of responsibilities that come with the job. If you want help in your job as a HR professional, […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-15

Six Degrees & Pensive: EMEA & India & Back Again : Six Degrees from Dave – Talent Social Media, Le.. # I got lasik yesterday and it is amazing to finally see without contacts and glasses # To avoid eyes being ruined again, I downloaded to reduce brightness on my mac # About […]

Six Degrees & Pensive: Music Is What feelings Sound Like

Six Degrees is Back and in a pensive mood.Spending 23 hours on a plane gives you a lot of time to ponder. Not all bad, not all good and a lot in between. It’s a big world, a beautiful world and a lot of wonderful people. Many make the most of very difficult situations and […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-01

@fifththird Jealous You're In A Committed Mortgage Relationship W/Another Bank – The Consumerist: #fifththird #evil # Powered by Twitter Tools