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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-28

Informatica has made it to the Forbes' "America's Best Companies" list! # WSJ: 103,000 vs. 1.1 Million – A tale of September Jobs Reports, 28 years Apart # A glimpse at my bio # Testimonials which exceed those within my Linkedin Profile # Monster prediction from BOA: another USA debt downgrade […]

This VLOG Will Save Your Liver And 20k In Fees [Inbound Recruiter]

In this VLOG, Brian, your Inbound Recruiter shares a story that likely cost him 20k in recruiting fees…. Happy Birthday my friend! Brian Johnston is one terrific guy!

Incorporating Social Media into your Halogen Learning Management Software

The way we learn is changing around the world. With technology evolving at an exponential rate, institutions as well as corporations offering educational opportunities are looking for better ways to incorporate social media into their curriculum. Traditionally, learning has been a process by which information was transferred from the trainer to the learner. Learning Management […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-21

Gearing up for LinkedIn Talent Connect in Vegas! #Intalent – Looking forward to intros & handshakes! # I hope to know in a few days whether I'll be attending @Onrec # Job opportunity: Recruiting Manager for Nestle USA – Glen at Korn/Ferry Futurestep – Greater Los Angeles Area #jobs # Who's attending Linkedin Talent […]

Job Contraction Globally Creates Work Experience Catch 22 for Graduates

Engineering undergraduates demand work experience A common refrain from Graduates seeking careers in Engineering? “It’s not fair!” Engineering undergraduates demand more work experience, graduate schemes and graduate training, however throughout Europe and The United States, the opportunity to gain work experience through graduate jobs, i.e. internships has contracted along a similar trajectory as experienced, senior […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-14

At fogo de chao in Chicago # @barbaraling @maureensharib @shally @ImSoSarah @booleanblackblt @animal in reply to kennygCFC # WSJ: 103,000 vs. 1.1 Million – A tale of September Jobs Reports, 28 years Apart # @BillBoorman did u send? Thanks in reply to BillBoorman # Great job Laurie! # Announcement from Australian Corporate […]

The Face of Occupy Wall Street You Don’t See on The News. Ordinary Americans?

The repeating mantra is group think, not democracy, and collectivism isn’t freedom, is it? You can’t create jobs without a market … and the list and the fallacies go on … but the press isn’t covering it. Why?

Getting Your PhD Through the WWW

If Doctor of Philosophy degrees have one thing in common, it’s that they’re all academically incredibly challenging to earn. And rightfully so – there isn’t much higher you can go on the Alps of academia than a doctorate degree. But as well as being difficult in the sheer workload they present to the aspiring PhD, […]

It’s All About Someone Else’s Benjamins, Right?

The anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street protesters had the nerve to ask James for investment capital. They wanted funding for the “Constitutional World Federation” they are planning. Another protester goes into detail about how Almagamated Bank is funding the Occupy Wall Street anti-banker protests. They’re all for capitalism, but only if it benefits them. James O’Keefe […]

WSJ: 103,000 vs. 1.1 Million – A tale of September Jobs Reports, 28 years Apart

Wall Street Journal Opinion Page Yesterday’s September jobs report was a welcome surprise, a signal that another recession may be averted. With 103,000 new jobs in the month and an upward revision of 99,000 for July and August, the jobs picture looks less bleak than it did a month ago. More Americans also started looking […]

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