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Answering The Question “How do I Get a Green Job?”

In today’s energy efficient world, more college students and recent graduates are shifting their focus to green jobs. But what is a “green job” exactly, and what do you have to do or study to secure one? Green jobs are relatively new in today’s day and age. A green job is defined simply as a […]

Meet John Bersentes, Vice President Business Development at TMP Government

John Bersentes McLean, Virginia, United States Vice President of Business Development TMP Government LLC, a division of TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications, LLC • Linkedin • Facebook • Twitter Profile • Website • Personal Blog • Personal Causes: CCFA • Office/Cell Number 703-269-0092 / 703-863-5099 • Personal Email Articles: America’s Veterans & The American Workforce: […]

Recruiting IT Staff: Strategic Approaches to Attract Top Talent

Recruiting IT Staff: Strategic Approaches to Attract Top Talent Great employees are the life blood of any successful organization, and the war for talent is real. Today’s job market is characterized by high turnover, an aging workforce, the remote revolution, and global competition to find qualified IT staff that can keep your business at the […]