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4,000 Flash Mob Dancers – Why Not Mob Job SMS & Blogs To Dance To?

Posted on April 5, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza – BACK FROM PRAGUE, Czech Republic
Master Cybersleuth, JobMachine

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I read about 4,000 flash mob dancers startling commuters at Victoria, Australia on the Evening Standard today.

More than 4,000 clubbers danced through the rush hour at Victoria station in Britain’s biggest flash mob stunt. Revelers responded to e-bulletins urging them to “dance like you’ve never danced before” at 6.53pm.There were knowing looks and giggles among the casually dressed crowd that gathered from 6.30pm, wearing earphones. A deafening 10-second countdown startled station staff and commuters before the concourse erupted in whoops and cheers. MP3 players and iPods emerged and the crowd danced wildly to their soundtracks in silence – for two hours.

What a fascinating exposition of gadget based influences motivating a congregation of diverse groups into one location …. IMAGINE the possibilities of an enterprising, forward thinking staffing organization combining the advantages of an in-house central sourcing org with advanced sourcing for passive talent skill sets (compliments of JobMachine Inc.) and utilizing the data to create SMS text message campaigns which direct everyone with a certain cell tower radius of a certain University lab or next door to Texas Instrument’s RFIC research facility, or broader still along niche talent, geographic, and competitors – all simultaneously? Imagine real time messages that direct these talent focus groups into a INFOTAINMENT oriented Corporate Job Event? Or imagine an infotainment event which creates a robust TalentID compliment which updates contact info of various niche players which centers on cutting edge research presentations, a few Taibo drum players or a luau which will be eternalized in memory of your key talent focus groups now long to be associating corporate culture and innovation with your company — all through the pied piper methods utilized from IM, Ipods, Cell Phones, Blackberries …. etc.

I can imagine that. Shally at JobMachine, Glenn Gutmacher at Microsoft, Steve Rothberg at CollegeRecruiter, Dennis Smith at T-Mobile, and Marcin Smolenski at Google EMEA all have various aspects of the principle in mind and have discussed it here or on there sites and yet, today, all in one, for your reading pleasure – yet another effort illustrated by 4,000 revelling mob dancers recognizing the tune of the future and yet with all the dedicated effort to evangelize such ideas, utilizing the various brain power platforms available to all of us now through the recruitment blogosphere – WHY oh why are the staffing organizations of today so slow in recognizing the technology and methodologies offer a hybrid of excellence to become equipped an prevail in the War for Talent? In this tribulation, the greatest battle that needs to be waged is to Influence your talent pool with VALUE. If you cannot give three bullet points on your company’s value proposition, let alone one that is not a tired rendition off some book covered in dust … you need …. to simply do something and be innovative.

I can recall a specific instance where an organization was discussing how they want to implement such a central sourcing organization and yet they have tens of different, unrelated ATS systems, no CRM, and their leadership has nonexistent Linkedin and/or any other types of participation within the various social relationship network available today – or 5 years ago for that matter?

Yet somehow these corporate leaders manage to earn paychecks to keep doing what was done when microwave ovens where considered revolutionary.

Corporate America – dream a little dream, preferably a big one. Matter to your prospective talent pool. Bring Value. Prove it by doing more than the mundane. Stop talking about it. Do it.

Well, that all being said … back to the 4,000 mob dancers:

University of London student Lucy Dent, 20, was among the flash mobbers. She said: “It was my first flash mob and I’m hooked. I’ve been dancing non-stop since we began.

“I didn’t even notice the commuters. When you get into the dancing you’re oblivious to them and forget you’re at a railway station.”

Chris Gale, 39, brought his daughter Sophia, three, and son Jacob, six. Mr Gale, a property entrepreneur from Bromley, said: “The children were a bit bewildered at first but then had fantastic fun. Some of the commuters are only interested in their trains and had to weave round us to the platforms. But most of them stood and stared, finding it hugely entertaining – and some even joined in.

“I saw the straightestlooking guy in a suit with his briefcase doing the freakiest dance moves.”

Last night’s flash mob ended when four vanloads of police dispersed the dancers. The event was staged by clubbing website Invitation emails and texts went out a week in advance.

One commuter failed to see the funny side: “I was trying to get my train home but the whole concourse was filled with students dancing and I couldn’t get through. The last thing I wanted after a hard day at work was to miss my train because of the idiots.”

Flash mobs, groups of people brought together via the internet who perform a bizarre act together before disappearing, took off in America in 2003.

NOTE: Notice the mention of Flash Mobs starting in America in 2003 – FOUR YEARS LATER corporate staffing has done NOTHING to evolve the practice as part of its candidate sourcing, development and planning strategies. Tragic isn’t it?

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7 Responses to “4,000 Flash Mob Dancers – Why Not Mob Job SMS & Blogs To Dance To?”

  1. University Update on April 5th, 2007 12:27 pm

    4000 flash mob dancers – Why Not Mob Job SMS & Blogs To Dance To?…

  2. station » Blog Archive » 4000 flash mob dancers - Why Not Mob Job SMS & Blogs To Dance To? on April 5th, 2007 2:41 pm

    […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptMore than 4000 clubbers danced through the rush hour at Victoria station in Britain’s biggest flash mob stunt. Revellers responded to e-bulletins urging them to “dance like you’ve never danced before” at 6.53pm.There were knowing looks … […]

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  4. steve campbel on April 6th, 2007 8:30 am

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  5. Steven Rothberg, on April 6th, 2007 10:43 am

    As with targeted email campaigns, it is critical to preserving and enhancing your corporate brand that messages sent to the cell phones of candidates be opt-in. That applies whether you build your own list or have a job board or other organization send the SMS (cell phone text message) or MMS (cell phone video message) on your behalf.

  6. Ottayan on April 7th, 2007 12:30 am

    Getting four candidates to attend an interview is a task in itself.

    Do you honestly feel any worth while candidate will turn up ?

    If it is so easy, then why not plaster the town with posters or advertise on billboards.

    This may work for entry level vacancies.

    But I sincerely doubt if the effort is worth it.

  7. Recruiting Animal on April 10th, 2007 9:15 am

    Dave, this was one of your best postings. I think that the novelty these events will wear off eventually but there is some potential right now, especially for campus recruiting.

    PS: Recruitainment (vs Infotainment) is a legitimate term. It usually refers to online gaming for recruiting purposes but could easily have its meaning extended to any fun recruiting event.