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Answering The Question “How do I Get a Green Job?”

Posted on March 24, 2013
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In today’s energy efficient world, more college students and recent graduates are shifting their focus to green jobs. But what is a “green job” exactly, and what do you have to do or study to secure one? Green jobs are relatively new in today’s day and age. A green job is defined simply as a job that works to lower the impact humans have on the environment. Pretty simple, right? The truth is, however, that green jobs are available in so many fields, that people seldom know where to begin, let alone what to major in or apply for.

For those who are still in school or don’t have a degree in a specific field, there is a wide variety of support, administrative and “leg work” jobs that make companies focused on the environment run smoothly. If you are still in school and looking to make a career in this rapidly expanding field, this would be a great place to start out. One company that offers a way into the green field is Ambit Energy. Based in Dallas, Texas, Ambit Energy offers entry-level positions in customer care, bilingual customer care and secretarial positions. Do you speak another language? Why not expand green energy ideas and environmental awareness across cultural lines. Being bilingual with office experience is a definite advantage in the entry level of green energy jobs.

If you’re in college or trying to decide what to do for work, the best idea is to major in engineering, transportation or any one of the major sciences. The largest environmental concern and focus comes from transportation, production and energy. Anyone specializing in these fields will continue to be in high demand. A college degree isn’t necessary to excel in this broad field either. Practical skills can be learned via trade schools or apprenticeships that can lead to jobs construction, large scale transport and farming. The conservation of energy cannot be carried out in an office building or classroom, but in the field.

Are you good with numbers? The possibilities are plentiful if you have the ability to manage numbers, reduce loss and increase efficiency. Accountants and energy auditors start out with comfortable salaries, and the work is meaningful. Imagine saving energy or maximizing conservation efforts on a daily basis. The work you do could have a direct impact on the planet we call home.

So if you’re a student, already working, or looking to make a career change into green jobs, don’t wait any longer. The ideas have been on paper for too long, and there aren’t enough hands to carry the enormous projects that lie ahead. The rewarding work you do will be worth it, and as this field grows, so will you in all of your personal and professional endeavors.


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