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Arbita-JobMachine Merger: Peter Clayton’s podcast with Don Ramer, Founder & CEO of Arbita

Posted on June 5, 2008
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Peter Clayton Interviews Don Ramer with Exclusive Details

“We’re brothers of a different mother,” – Shally Steckerl

The Revolving Door in Recruiting –

Transformational recruiting practice –

20 Min :


TPR: The Voice of Career Leadership.

Total Picture Radio (TPR), is a playground for your brain, presenting a “total picture” of emerging trends, thought leaders, and for-real gurus to help high-potential professionals like you succeed in your career goals. We are here to fill the media vacuum regarding career advice and advocacy by providing the latest trends, knowledge, actionable information and resources to our listeners. We are radio TiVo. Our in-depth, free podcasts are available 24×7. All of our guests have the opportunity to share their considerable experience and advice in a relaxed atmosphere, without the time constraints imposed by most radio and cable television business news/information programming.

Total Picture Radio started several years ago as The name “Landed” came from TPR’s producer/host Peter Clayton, participating, early on, in community career networking organizations. Many of these organizations maintain Yahoo groups. When someone would get a job and wanted to change their membership status, they would put “Landed” in the title of their Yahoo group message. To help professionals in transition “land” was the original, primary focus of The employment market is a very different animal today than it was in 2003.

As it’s grown, matured and learned over the past three years of producing this show, the focus has shifted from “landing” to “taking off.” We are really interested in looking at “big picture” topics such as the oil crisis, global warming, geopolitical issues, innovation, sustainability, the aging baby boomer population – as well as emerging trends which help our members advance their careers.

We like to feature companies and leaders in our podcasts who believe competitive advantage derives, in a very important way, from talent. Geoff Colvin, senior editor at Fortune said it best: “Top talent has never been more valuable, nor competition for it more fierce… After 500 years or so the scarcest, most valuable resource in business is no longer financial capital. It’s talent.”

Value Proposition
Search “career”on and you’ll find over 130,000 titles. On your radio dial you won’t find even one program focused exclusively on career advice. Total Picture Radio with Peter Clayton is addressing this critical need. We are first to market: with A-List players: both interview guests and audience participants! TPR is positioned to expand our brand through strategic partnerships and satellite radio. Our rich media content attracts working professionals who are interested in actively building and managing their careers. In addition, HR leaders, recruiters, and executives with organizations marketing products and services to the HR and recruiting industry are drawn to our in-depth interviews with industry leaders.

More than half of full-time workers responding to an AOL survey said improvements in the economy will boost their desire to find a new job. Additionally, 88.4% said they would switch careers to get their next job. The AOL survey also found that the Internet is now a key tool for those who are job hunting. Nearly three quarters of those who looked for a job in the past year spent one or more hours a week searching for jobs on the Internet. Monster Worldwide in the U.S. gets 28 million unique visitors to its website every month, representing one-fifth of the labor force. They receive 70,000 resumes per day. In a recent ExecuNet survey of employed executives, 62 percent are not satisfied with their current job. Of those who are not satisfied, 97 percent plan to change jobs in the next six months.

TPR will soon employ Podtrac’s Measurement Service. Podtrac provides third-party measurement data allowing our sponsors accurate metrics, providing cost justification for sponsoring our programs.
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