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CONTEST #2: Best Recruiting Blogs of 2007 Sponsored By – Starts This Friday, the 14th & Ends Friday, the 21st

Posted on December 9, 2007
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By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc.
(720) 733-2022

Tis The Season: You may be confused about the fact which contest is which, but at the end of the year, Jason Davis, Visionary King of the Recruitment Blogosphere – puts on a “Best Blog of the Year” Contest.

Last year there was controversy in that yours truly won twice as many votes as the site awarded. How? Well there was a “popular” vote, and a “Vote By Committee.” Joel Cheesman is a good friend and I love his site and he won the vote by committee. it’s all bygones. I’m a fan of Cheezhead and especially and its founder.

That was the old chapter with, this year as Jason Davis heads up an 800 member vibrant community at – the rules have not only changed to popular vote, but has diversified into a splendid listing of categories.

Of Course, one key aspect to note: BEST OVERALL BLOG – wins the big prize. That means Vegas baby!

    But wait, what about the other contest you already voted for? Yes, true, there is the OTHER great contest held by Craig Silverman’s HIREABILTY. The prize has yet to be announced – I HEAR IT’s HUGE! Hmm is it a 60 inch flat screen tv maybe? Or is it a trip to Hawaii? jk

Maybe Craig will announce it at SixDegrees?

You can Vote Today for “ as Best Overall Blog if you are so inclined – for the Hireability Contest …. next week it will be a whole new and final contest with the event

So to reiterate, two cool contests. But to that end, “Jay Dee” has challenged Craig on “Coolness” with a song. (Mind you I have heard Jay Dee sing, and it is much much better than this example:

Find more videos like this on


Best Overall Blog:
A trip to Vegas from ZoomInfo

Category Winners:
Starbucks cards

Now until Dec 12, 2007 midnight

How To Nominate:
Email Jason Davis Your Nominations – Please include a category for each nomination

The Process:
1. A continually updated list of nominees will be posted on
2. All nominees will go into a survey system for the vote.

Winners will be decided by popular vote alone.There will be no panel making any sort of decisions as to who is really the best recruiting blog out there. He or she or it who gets the most votes in “The Best Over All Recruiting Blog” category starting Dec 14/2007 wins. Period.

Dec 14 to Dec 21/2007 midnight. Will provide the link to a survey with all blogs that were nominated.
Please email me your nominations

Best Recruiting Blog Categories:

1. Best Over All Recruiting Blog
2. Best Job Hunting Blog
3. Best Corporate Recruiting Blog
4. Best Third Party Recruiting Blog
5. Best Sourcing/Research Blog
6. Best Group Blog
7. Best Recruiting Technology Blog
8. Best Recruiting Industry Blog
9. Best HR Blog
10. Best Recruiting Blogosphere Personality
11. Best Page

– If you feel there should be another category, please let Jason Davis know fast.- will be sending the winner of the Best Over All Recruiting Blog To Las Vegas.

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3 Responses to “CONTEST #2: Best Recruiting Blogs of 2007 Sponsored By – Starts This Friday, the 14th & Ends Friday, the 21st”

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    […] Nilson had some great ideas on this topic.You can read a snippet of the post here.Will provide the link to a survey with all blogs that were nominated. … 2. Best Job Hunting Blog … 3. Best Corporate Recruiting Blog […]

  2. Recruiting Animal on December 10th, 2007 2:20 pm

    Dear Bull Doza,

    Nice postings about all the contests.

    However, The Recruiting Animal was a member of that prize committee last year. And he admits that the two stream process of popular vote and committee vote was confusing.

    But, as far as I can remember there was no slight of hand involved, no last minute substitution of committee vote for popular vote.

    That would have been unfair and I would have protested.

    And here’s why Jay-Dee chose the committee process for the last two years.

    If the decision is determined by popular vote, the prize could very well go to the best networker who can rustle up tons of votes from people who have no interest in The Recruitosphere.

    Then it’s a networking contest rather than a best blog contest. N’est-ce pas?

    Best Wishes
    The Recruiting Animal

  3. Des Walsh on December 12th, 2007 2:23 am

    One of the lines about says nominations “Now until Dec 12”. Transposed digits? Confusing.