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BlogTalkRadio: The Recruiting Animal Invades the E-Waves

Posted on August 28, 2007
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Listen to my favorite lunch hour contrarion – he makes them cry or grasp straws while you laugh and think, Click HERE

Host Channel: The Recruiting Animal
Host Name: Recruiting Animal
Country: Canada
language: English
IM Program: MSN
IM Name: Recruiting Animal

Host URL:
Host Website/Blog:

Recruiting & Career talk

Below is the host’s lineup for upcoming shows. To view details of a particular show, click it and they will appear in the SEGMENT DETAILS to the right.

Meet Suzy Tonini: A Sourcecon challenge winner pulls back the kimono
Join me in adding to your Bookmark/Favorites Addition his primary recruitment blog, Recruiting Animal

I visit everyday and never cease to be informed and entertained


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