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Boost HR Efficiency with JD Edwards ERP

Posted on April 30, 2012
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The human resources department has not been left behind when it comes to the use of technology for automation purposes. In fact, one of the areas where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can be of great help is the HR department.

There are automated systems for managing employee files, such as the sharegate sharepoint migration tool , handling payroll, recruiting new talent, performance management tools from Halogen Software, minimizing hiring costs among other things. Using a good ERP system will help a company streamline all such processes, reduce busywork and allow the HR department to focus on what matters most; people.

People play a crucial role in determining the success of a business. When you have happy employees, you have happy customers. That said, HR should not have to spend a lot of time handling machines.

JD Edwards ERP Explained

Here we’ll look at how JD Edwards’ ERP solution can minimize redundant processes and facilitate the true role of HR.

The company began developing and implementing ERP solutions in 1972 when many people still did not take the systems seriously. Today, this experience helps in the delivery of the most appropriate technology that is tailored to meet the unique needs of individual organizations. The ERP provider analyzes, designs, develops, tests and implements solutions geared to meet the specific needs of a company and their industry.

JD Edwards ERP software operates at the intersection between IT and human resources. The system helps ensure that computer systems are in sync with the people responsible for them and helps to eliminate repetitive and unnecessary tasks.

As a result, the HR staff will be more helpful and productive, something that will be felt throughout the company. After all, all parts of a corporation are interconnected and the state of each affects the others in some way. The HR department, which is responsible for most of the synchronization in a company, plays a key role and influences other departments more than any.

ERP systems can be used in the HR department to organize and maintain different tasks, such as:

• Performance records
• Training of employees
• Managing time
• Payroll accounting
• Organizational management services like cost planning, planning scenarios and staffing schedules.
• Personal management responsibilities, including recruitment, administration of benefits, personnel administration, salary administration, travel management and HR master data management.

ERP software from JD Edwards will ensure the HR department integrates seamlessly with other parts of an organization. The improvement in efficiency will make the corporation more competitive.

Some of the benefits a company will get include:

• Recruiting the best talent in the industry and leveraging company resources.
• Maintaining a lean and efficient company that stays focused.
• Taking advantage of challenges by using them as opportunities for education and growth.
• Maintaining efficient client service

While an ERP system can make the HR department more efficient, it is not just a matter of setting up the system. It is also important to use the system appropriately. Syntax’s JD Edwards consulting services for instance, help in training staff members through the change management process so a company can have the required skills in-house.

The consulting services will also help the HR staff keep abreast of technology and relevant certifications in the industry.

For HR departments to be effective, they need to be adaptable and flexible. Employees must be treated respectfully and nurtured for a company to succeed. The department must be able to adjust to both local and global needs. Using a customized ERP solution provides a solid framework for streamlining technical tasks and allowing HR to nurture, recruit and retain top talent.


One Response to “Boost HR Efficiency with JD Edwards ERP”

  1. Russel Stuart on October 30th, 2012 1:58 am

    It is always a great idea to have systems to integrate and coordinate HR functions. If major activities and records are automated and streamlined; it saves HR lots of time. That said; this is only a supplement to HR’s function, because HR professionals primarily deal with the human factor. In this sense, HR is like medicine, which can become easier with automation, but at the core, it is the human element that matters. But this is not to belittle JD Edwards or any other such software, though! They have done a great job. The human element is for managers and doctors, and not for systems to handle.