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Technology Reviewer & Trends Research Superstar, Brent Skinner Joins CeridianHCM as Marketing Manager

Posted on April 20, 2013
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It is a personal pleasure to help spread the word of what I see as a key development within our industry.

Brent Skinner is someone I sincerely admirer and I have had the pleasure of acquaintance to friendship over the span of over 7 years. He has been a notable member within the Human Resources space as a speaker on HCM Technology, Social Media, Marketing & PR; and as a business writer covering human capital management.

Previously he served as Technology Editor for HRO Today and main contributor to TalentManagementTech, Brent co-founded and is the former lead co-host of #HRTechChat. Under the auspices of HRO Today and #HRTechChat, his focus has been technology for human resources, talent management and recruiting. Quoted in the Wall Street Journal regarding the compensation of executive search professionals, he has served as a former contributing editor to Executive Recruiter News.

Through it all has been Brent’s mainstay position at Boston University’s College of Communication, where he has been an adjunct instructor of communications industry writing since 2003, and STETrevisions, the communications consultancy he founded in 2004 and through which he conducted a good deal of his work in human capital management before joining Ceridian Corporation.

Brent Has Joined CeridianHCM as Marketing Managers marketing manager for Ceridian Corporation’s flagship division,CeridianHCM with special emphasis on the SaaS application, DayforceHCM. Industry observrs may recall that Ceridian recently Won Gold at Golden Bridge Awards 2012 for World’s Most Innovative SaaS Product.

As a business writer covering human capital management, Brent has had many wide-ranging discussions with some of this marketplace’s finest innovators and disruptors. These conversations have led him to conclude that Ceridian Corporation, through its acquisition last year of Dayforce, is poised to change HCM technology irreversibly and for the better.

“It has been a pleasure, as a researcher, business journalist and blogger, to observe and cover human resource technology from the perch of impartiality. Most know me for my work these past couple of years as tech editor for HRO Today and as co-founder and lead co-host of #HRTechChat. My experience in this market space dates back, in fact, to 2006, when I joined Kennedy Information to write for Executive Recruiter News and conduct research into the executive search profession and talent management technology. That focus, on technology, sharpened as I became editor in chief of TalentManagementTech, a website launched by Tarsus Group plc and later acquired by the publishers of HRO Today.”

In aggregate, Brent’s experience has been the precursor preparing him to join CeridianHCM. I look forward to seeing Brent’s exceptional capabilities as part of their team as the company delivers DayforceHCM, technology that does what HR departments, and the organizations they serve, – have long needed.

I took the initiative to give this news the attention it deserves – as someone who has spoken to such a class act like Brent, I am thrilled to know that a vendor within our space will upgrade their knowledge of industry needs and enjoy the fruits of his considerable talents. Brent is a great catch and speaks volumes about CeridianHCM.


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