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Campaigner Announces StartUp! Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Posted on May 27, 2009
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By Dave Mendoza

I’m a HUGE fan and tried it myself! Try it for a free 30 day trial HERE!

Campaigner and its product line has provided SixDegreesfromDave with the best means of tracking metrics, i.e., bounce rates, new subscribers, opened versus click rates. It is a very precise method to keep track, notice trends and enables me to adjust my marketing efforts accordingly with unmatched efficiency.

Direct customer outreach by Campaigner’s customer Outreach has been one of its strongest talk points as a must have resource. Time and again, I have had access to emailing or calling customer service individuals that I have become acquainted with and deemed them reliable partners who are patient with my concerns, inquire within to find answers they cannot answer or address my suggestions on improving the service. I can attest this issue is an essential one given my experiences recently with other brands and the weakness of their support that undermines their popular identity otherwise – considerable.

I received a friendly response within 24 hours and their template tailoring service took an avid interest in my brand placement and a color and placement scheme that was customized to meet my individual needs. It was by no means a one-six fits all approach and she responded with different options and we even adjusted those further until we got a look that felt right. She was exceptionally approachable and you could tell she took pride in her work. I talked to my colleagues about my experience afterwards.

New StartUp! Services include free email template tailoring, 24/7 customer support and more to help small businesses get started with email marketing

OTTAWA – May 27, 2009 – Campaigner (, a leading email marketing solutions provider, today announced its new StartUp! Services to help small businesses and entrepreneurs launch an ongoing email marketing program that strengthens customer relationships and drives sales. Top features of Campaigner’s StartUp! services include a free 30 day trial, email template tailoring to reflect the look of your business, a weekly Getting Started training webinar, 24/7 access to Campaigner’s customer support and much more.

Small businesses can gain instant access to Campaigner’s StartUp! services by signing up for a free 30 day trial at

Campaigner’s StartUp! services include the following:

o Free 30 Day Trial. Send up to 500 mails to up to 100 contacts during the free trial period.
o Following the free-trial period, users can sign up for Campaigner with plans starting at $10 per month with unlimited emails to up to 500 contacts.
o Template Tailoring. A Campaigner email marketing design professional will work with you to tailor your first email marketing template to reflect the look of your business, brand image and logo.
o Campaigner has more than 450 captivating email marketing templates to choose from.
o Getting Started Live Online Product Tour. Campaigner will walk you through the features of Campaigner’s email marketing service with a free, live webinar.
o Find answers to all of your questions about how to get started with email marketing from a Campaigner expert who is there to help you.
o Campaigner’s 24/7 Customer Support Services. Campaigner email marketing experts are available to help you around the clock by phone and email.
o Campaigner Resource Center. Gain access to Campaigner’s Resource Center chock full of free tips and advice on how to get started with email marketing and continually improve your campaigns.
o Learn about email marketing best practices and tips for improving the performance of your campaigns.
o Gain access to video tutorials on using Campaigner.
o Campaigner Community. Join the Campaigner Community where you can learn from your peers who share real world email success stories and tips that you can apply to your own campaigns.

“Small businesses are under a lot of pressure and time constraints, which could explain why the majority of U.S. small businesses have yet to try any type of online marketing,” said Joseph Nour, CEO of Protus, the provider of Campaigner. “Email marketing has the strongest ROI of any other online marketing tactic, making it an ideal first step for small businesses to reach customers and prospects. But getting started can be a challenge. Our goal in launching Campaigner’s new StartUp! services is to provide the added support many small businesses need to get started with email marketing.”

I personally recommend Campaigner as a customer. It is more affordable, its customer service more approachable and it values my industry above all. I can feel it in their approach and in their follow-up. The other marketing companies had a more large company feeling where I was just one other call, they were less approachable and with Campaigner I can make suggestions that improve their features. I like my opinion being taken into consideration because we all want a better product to evolve!

Time opportunity costs is the largest savings. I can develop many messages at once and segment them by audience. Postal or pay per click ads would be exponentially higher in costs.

Campaigner’s ease-of-use evolves as technology and customer impact builds. It considers both not one over the other to make the experience up-to-date, and comfortable for the user knowing they are using state of the art tools.

Their customer service is Always approachable, they respond directly by both phone and by email and in each case the process ensues until my questions or concerns are answered to my satisfaction

LEARN MORE with a Video Tutorial HERE


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