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Campaigner Podcast Highlights Findings in Aberdeen Group Report on Email Marketing Deliverability

Posted on July 13, 2009
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OTTAWA – July 13, 2009Campaigner, a leading email marketing solutions provider, today announced the availability of their most recent podcast, “Improving Email Marketing Deliverability.” The podcast focuses on a study by the Aberdeen Group called Demystifying Email Deliverability which examines the factors affecting the deliverability of email marketing campaigns and provides best practices recommendations that businesses of all sizes can implement to improve email marketing campaign performance. (This report can be downloaded for free at

Jeremy Saibil, Campaigner's Director of Deliverability, highlights some of the top study findings in the podcast.

In the podcast Jeremy discusses:

  • How “Best-in-Class Email Marketers” utilize email service providers.
  • How the perception of value and responsibility for email service providers is shifting.
  • Important issues regarding metrics for improving deliverability.
  • What the average email deliverability rate is and why.

Jeremy observes, “The interesting thing here is that most email service providers advertise delivery rates at 99 percent and higher. This is an unrealistic expectation, so you should certainly question any email service provider that makes the claim that they alone can get you this level of deliverability.” Jeremy went on to explain, “It boils down to practices. But, the beauty of the whole thing is that if you follow these best practices you will be rewarded with higher delivery rates.”

Key Links:

Aberdeen Report Demystifying Email Deliverability:

Campaigner podcast Improving Email Marketing Deliverability:

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