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THE NAUGHTY “CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE” LIST – Secret Shopper Phenomenon Expose

THE NAUGHTY “CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE” LIST – When recruiters delete recruiter CV’s without opening them you have a problem at your org: “In an industry as tightly-knit of familiar faces – what does it say when recruiters, Talent Managers, etc delete fellow corporate TA emails to be considered without being opened? It says horrible things about […]

FLASHBACK: Meet Alex Putman, ‘Social T-Rex’: A Paper Resume Unfolds Over 15 Years

Today I endorsed Alex Putnam on Linkedin as follows: “A rustle in the leaves, a water cup stirs circled waves – it is a prelude to what mighty force is fast approaching …. and with force it did and with impact – for I am describing the arrival of teh Social_T-Rex that is Alex Putman. […]

Sign Up! Generating Top Candidates with Blogs – Dave Mendoza Webinar, This Thurs. 1:30 – 3 PM EST

Training Webinar on 3/13 – Dave Mendoza on Sourcing with Blogs Where: HireAbility’s Online Recruiter Training Center Cost:$119 for non-HireAbility Recruiter Network members $99 for HireAbility Recruiter Network members (join now at no-charge for discounts off every HireAbility training event!) CEUs: 1.5 CEU credits awarded – NAPS CLICK HERE, Register Now Dave Mendoza’s “Expert Blogging […]

Inviting Your Input: List Corporate Bloggers Who Attract Candidate Audiences?

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc. (720) 733-2022 Does your corporate staffing organization have a team of specially trained recruitment blogging Ninjas? If not do you know of any who do? I know I know you are probably laughing thinking, “Dave even if we had Ninjas we wouldn’t know about them because […]

Mike Tiffany, “Blogging as a Recruiting Tool”

By Mike Tiffany, General Manager. Chameleon Integrated Services, Inc. 314.773.7200 blog: Two Points: 1) Recruiting today has really morphed into multiple positions: Sourcer, relationship builder and maintainer. Sourcing and maintenance have been greatly assisted by good Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). 2) In recruiting, it’s not who you know but who knows you (or can […]

New Jersey Metro EMA – Guerilla Tactics of Blog Sourcing & Employment Branding

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth & Partner, JobMachine Inc. I had the honor of being invited by the New Jersey Metro EMA, on behalf of JobMachine, to present on the strategic and tactical advantages of Blogs as a Sourcing Tool for Passive Talent and as an employment branding vehicle. The NJ Metro EMA, founded by […]

CARL CHAPMAN On “Influence” Peddling – Is It A Crime?’

By Carl Chapman, Principle, CEC Search, Author, “Confessions of a Restaurant Recruiter” Funny thing happened this morning; it’s a long an involved story so it may take some time for me to weave the tale and have it make sense for you;. but here goes. There is an ongoing buzz in the recruiting blogopshere which […]

PERSPECTIVES: John Sumser On The Influence of Blogs on the Recruitment Industry

Often when discussing the issue with staffing executives, the issue of Blogging comes up, and it’s a topic of curiosity. The principle question among them being, the “Value Proposition” – “Why do Recruitment Blogs Matter?” As an effort to answer that question, from as broad a perspective as possible, I enlisted industry voices throughout the […]

Blogging Your Way to Recruitment Success: Gretchen Ledgard, Joel Cheesman & Dave Mendoza (Tomorrow)

Speakers: Dave Mendoza, Gretchen Ledgard & Joel Cheesman ONLY $275 – To Sign Up for Tomorrow’s Audio Conference CLICK HERE: What are your employees already saying about your company on the internet, and how can properly highlighting their voices attract more qualified applicants to your open jobs? As blogging grows in popularity, more and more […]

Dennis Smith Seeks Regional Engineering Recruiter, T-Mobile USA (Chicago, IL)

So, Recruiter….how daring are you? Daring enough to jump out of an airplane at 30k feet? At T-Mobile, we’ll never ask you to jump out of a moving object. But we won’t be surprised when your customers describe you in the same way they recently described our own super-recruiter Jodi: She’s faster than a speeding […]

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