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Inbound Recruiter AMAZON Book Launch!

My colleague, Brian Kevin Johnston (Inbound Recruiter) sent me an advanced copy of his book “Headhunter and Headhunted, How to Get Your Product or Service Sold Online”, and it launched yesterday.

FLASHBACK: Meet Alex Putman, ‘Social T-Rex’: A Paper Resume Unfolds Over 15 Years

Today I endorsed Alex Putnam on Linkedin as follows: “A rustle in the leaves, a water cup stirs circled waves – it is a prelude to what mighty force is fast approaching …. and with force it did and with impact – for I am describing the arrival of teh Social_T-Rex that is Alex Putman. […] Recognized on latest “Top 50 HR Blogs”

Blogs were selected based on popularity as well as content / updates. 7 of the 50 blogs selected were in recruiting, and is pleased to have join such a list of accomplished blogs. Thank you for the recognition! * They are listed alphabetically within each category* Last year we were listed as Top 50 […]

Linkedin Introductions: Meet Kevin Wheeler, World Renown Staffing Thought Leader

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, an Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc. (720) 733-2022 Kevin Wheeler is an Open Networker who welcomes your Linkedin Invites: View his Linkedin Profile and recommendations, *Simply add his email, to your Linkedin invitation As a globally renown speaker, author, and conference organizer – Any industry observer understands that Kevin Wheeler […]

International Staffing Perspectives: An De Jonghe, CEO, Ulysses Consulting, Belgium

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, JobMachine Inc. To Connect directly with An De Jonghe on LinkedIn, simply click here and insert his email: She can be Reached at at (011) +32 2 583 99 32 “Six Degrees From Dave” has been developing a series of discussions to engage global perspectives among fellow colleagues in […]

LINKEDIN DAY, AmyBeth Hale, Manager of Internet Research for SearchPath International

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, JobMachine Inc. I Strongly recommend taking a moment to Connect directly with my friend, AmyBeth Hale on LinkedIn, simply click here and insert her email: ahale Today is “Linkedin Day” at “Six Degrees from Dave” whereupon we encourage fellow staffing leaders, recruiters, and onlookers to connect with quality individuals […]

JAMES DURBIN On “Recruitment Blogs As Industry Influencer”

Voices from the Recruitment Blogosphere By James Durbin Durbin Media Recently, Glenn Gutmacher, Microsoft Guru answered Recruiting Animal critique on Recruitment Blog Influence: “I think the recruiting blogosphere is an important influencer, but it’s indirect: They influence the thought leaders who get disproportionate mindshare, and in turn, influence change.” That actually is the function of […]

CARL CHAPMAN On “Influence” Peddling – Is It A Crime?’

By Carl Chapman, Principle, CEC Search, Author, “Confessions of a Restaurant Recruiter” Funny thing happened this morning; it’s a long an involved story so it may take some time for me to weave the tale and have it make sense for you;. but here goes. There is an ongoing buzz in the recruiting blogopshere which […]

DAVE LEFKOW On “Bloggers Influence Upon the Recruitment Industry”

Voices from the Recruitment Blogosphere Today’s Guest … Dave Lefkow CEO, TalentSpark Consulting Dave Lefkow recently left his position as Vice President, Professional Services at Jobster to initiate his own consulting practice, “TalentSpark.” His firm will reflect the vibrant message Dave has been evangelizing throughout his “A” player career, “Do you have the right employment […]

PERSPECTIVES – STEVE LEVY On “Bloggers Influence Upon the Recruitment Industry”

Voices from the Recruitment Blogosphere By Steve Levy, Principal Outsideâ– theâ– Box Consulting Talent Acquisition and Organizational Effectiveness Consulting Technically speaking, the ERE groups are in fact blogs and blogs are in fact groups – if you can envision a mobius strip you know what I’m talking about. About one year ago (maybe more), Maureen Sharib began […]

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