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How to Plan an Epic Christmas Marketing Campaign

Retailers can expect a jaw-dropping $68.9 billion in sales over the holiday period as consumers spend up big on holiday gifts for family friends, according to new research from IBISWorld. But as one of the busiest periods of the year fast approaches, what are you doing to maximize the holiday shopping rush for your business? […]

FLASHBACK: Meet Alex Putman, ‘Social T-Rex’: A Paper Resume Unfolds Over 15 Years

Today I endorsed Alex Putnam on Linkedin as follows: “A rustle in the leaves, a water cup stirs circled waves – it is a prelude to what mighty force is fast approaching …. and with force it did and with impact – for I am describing the arrival of teh Social_T-Rex that is Alex Putman. […]

I Wouldn’t Brand Myself Or A Product Like This

I think he may have some street cred issues, do you agree?

Why Do I Blog?

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, JobMachine Inc. Click here to connect with me on LinkedIn, at dave @ Shally was kind enough to outline an effort among blogging colleagues to reflect upon our own personal initiative when it comes to “Why We Blog” – and a timely question I might add and well designed […]

PERSPECTIVES: Matt Martone On “Bloggers Influence Upon the Recruitment Industry”

Voices from the Recruitment Blogosphere By Matt Martone, Recruitment Media Sales Executive at Yahoo! Send LinkedIn Invites For Matt Here 1) What substantive examples exist where blogs have influenced the products vendors develop, or the way products are marketed? Blogs have influenced and will continue to influence product development in the recruitment space. Here are […]

Blogging Your Way to Recruitment Success: Gretchen Ledgard, Joel Cheesman & Dave Mendoza (Tomorrow)

Speakers: Dave Mendoza, Gretchen Ledgard & Joel Cheesman ONLY $275 – To Sign Up for Tomorrow’s Audio Conference CLICK HERE: What are your employees already saying about your company on the internet, and how can properly highlighting their voices attract more qualified applicants to your open jobs? As blogging grows in popularity, more and more […]

A Passionate Visionary: Jeff Hunter, Director, Talent Strategies & Technology @ Electronic Arts

Jeff Hunter Dreamforce Speech Compliments: Sean Reyder, Talent Ecology Interview with Jeff Hunter, “What Is The UnConference?” Compliments: Cheezhead Jeff Hunter serves as “Director, Global Talent Technologies” which includes all global strategies and oversight of Central Sourcing Business on behalf of Electronic Arts efforts to find, connect to and hire the world’s best talent. Winner […]

Small is the New Big: Seth Godin Speaks

by Jennifer Jones | December 17th, 2006 6:08 pm “You can’t buy attention. And if you want to be big, you first must think small. Those are some of the beliefs held by marketing guru Seth Godin. He helped to illuminate and define the power of the individual in business and society. Thinking small may […]

Glenn Gutmacher’s “How to Make a Kick-Butt Recruiting Blog Portal”

By Glenn Gutmacher, Master Cybersleuth Read Glenn’s Linkedin Profile Website Zoe’s post on JobSyntax about whether job postings on blogs distract Job Seekers, especially given that most of these postings are generic feeds (at best filtered by “category,” whatever that means). It inspired my following take on the issue of what a recruiting blog should […]

EXCELER8ION: Review of the Fortune 500 Corporate Recruiting Blogs

Another fantastic post by Julian & Shannon at Exceler8ion, the premier blog covering marketing/advertising issues effecting the recruitment industry. Published by Shannon, September 26th, 2006 in Interactive Recruitment Marketing, Blogs, employer brand, Social Media I have been following Easton Ellsworth’s review of the 10 largest Fortune 500 companies. He has posted a list of his […]

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