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Global Staffing Perspectives: Ted Meulenkamp, Pan-European Staffing Manager at Agilent Technologies – Barcelona, Spain (Part 1)

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc. ldavemendoza @ (720) 733-2022 ** Connect directly with Ted Meulenkamp on LinkedIn, Click “Expand Your Network” tab. Insert his name and email: ** Today “Six Degrees From Dave” continues its series of articles focusing upon global perspectives among fellow colleagues in the staffing industry […]

Seeking A Director/Manager Level Staffing Leader?

If anyone is hiring a Director/Manager level Staffing leader for their corporation, I have TWO strong leads for you. 1 A friend and colleague I had the pleasure of working with first-hand in the past that I am happy to pass along. He is seeking opportunities in either PHOENIX or DENVER. 2) I also have […]

Carol Mahoney, Yahoo!’s VP Talent Acquisition, Kennedy Expo 2007

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, JobMachine Inc. “Developing a High Performance Talent Acquisition Organization” Key Note Speaker: Carol Mahoney, VP of Yahoo! Talent Acquisition, May 10th, Thursday, Kennedy Conference & Expo, Las Vegas Hilton I have had the pleasure of meeting Carol twice for substantive discussions and on each occasion, she embodied the consummate big […]

A Passionate Visionary: Jeff Hunter, Director, Talent Strategies & Technology @ Electronic Arts

Jeff Hunter Dreamforce Speech Compliments: Sean Reyder, Talent Ecology Interview with Jeff Hunter, “What Is The UnConference?” Compliments: Cheezhead Jeff Hunter serves as “Director, Global Talent Technologies” which includes all global strategies and oversight of Central Sourcing Business on behalf of Electronic Arts efforts to find, connect to and hire the world’s best talent. Winner […]


I am going to try a little experiment. My theory is if I write they will come, so here it goes. I want to invite my global recruitment colleagues, be it in India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Romania, The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand ….anywhere to write me an email. Shally and I at […]