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Jon Gundersgaard Revisted: Three Decades of Staffing Wisdom

Jon Gundersgaard Sr. Technical Recruiter at Seagate Technology • Linkedin • Facebook • Twitter Profile • Community Volunteering: I have spent a lot of time at Inner Light Ministries which is an Omni Faith outreach ministry and am active in a men’s group. I am part of a Vipassana meditation group. I am part of […]

Join A Worthy Cause: The Disability Candidate Experience

This article was originally featured on ERE I feel so lucky that I am still working after 27 years with it and love every day I am alive. Jon Gundersgaard Yesterday, I featured an interview of Jon Gundersgaard, a thirty year veteran of the HR/Staffing Industry. Jon’s compelling life story as someone who was diagnosed […]

Shally, “Increasing the Pool of Minority Applicants”

From time to time I get interesting articles sent my way from other industry experts and this week one of those really caught my eye. It was a white paper from the Institute for Corporate Productivity (14cp) about minority recruiting.   Having wrtten an article fo ERE about this last February (Using the Internet to […]

Diana Johnson Hightower, “Creating & Deploying a Leading Edge Diversity Staffing Strategy,” Kennedy Expo 2007

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, JobMachine Inc. To Connect directly with Diana Johnson Hightower on Linkedin, simply click here and insert her email: dlj @ “Developing a High Performance Talent Acquisition Organization” Featured Speaker: Diana Johnson Hightower, Diversity Staffing Manager, Texas Instruments, May 10th, Thursday, Kennedy Conference & Expo, Las Vegas Hilton Creating and […]