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“ExclusiveHR” Magazine Interview: “Big data: the Future of e-recruitment?”

Original text: By Laurent Pilliet With the advent of social networking, recruitment will never be as before. Dave Mendoza, one of the gurus of American e-HR, puts the finishing touches to a white paper on New Management “social” talent. The CV databases are not updated no longer have any value, the future is Big […]

WSJ: Euro Zone Falls Short on Fund – Ministers Look to IMF, ECB as Expected Rescue Pool Seen Too Small to Mount Italy, Spain Rescues

“…the break-up of the Eurozone now poses a larger threat to Poland than tanks, terrorism or missiles.” Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski By STEPHEN FIDLER,CHARLES FORELLE and COSTAS PARIS BRUSSELS—Euro-zone finance ministers agreed on Tuesday on details to expand the bloc’s bailout fund but acknowledged it would have less capacity to help troubled nations than […]

Untenable: Will The Euro Currency Survive?

This is a topic I have been passionately observing over the last two years. As a family of Spaniards and Finnish in our household … we look with concern at the effects across the pond and within our backyards. Ignore the issue at your peril. The economic winds of unsustainable debt are blowing. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: […]

Job Contraction Globally Creates Work Experience Catch 22 for Graduates

Engineering undergraduates demand work experience A common refrain from Graduates seeking careers in Engineering? “It’s not fair!” Engineering undergraduates demand more work experience, graduate schemes and graduate training, however throughout Europe and The United States, the opportunity to gain work experience through graduate jobs, i.e. internships has contracted along a similar trajectory as experienced, senior […]

Paris Q & A: “How Do You Use Social Media to Leverage Business Relationships?”

Footage from Paris Presentation: “Talent Branding & Community Pipelines through Social Media” Answering Audience questions during the event in Paris where Dave Mendoza spoke on social networking, LinkedIn and Internet Search for recruiters. Jorrit Blok, CEO, Otys closing Remarks Interviewing Jorrit Blok View my profile on LinkedIn | Bio | MSN | Skype (720) […]