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Climber’s Catalyst: Social Media Convergence for the Job Seeker

View Other job seeker relevant tools and advice at David Perry’s latest launch, ** To View Climber Catalyst offerings and capabilities first-hand register for free HERE In a challenging economic environment, we often assume that the number of unemployed provides target rich active candidates that are easily assessable. The unexpected complication however reveals a […]

The Formula for Effective Facebook Ads: “Understanding the Value of a Social Media Impression”

Compliments of Mashable: Understanding the Value of a Social Media Impression

Diversify Your Social Platform Presence

Dave Mendoza Facebook Profile: Facebook Group: Twitter: Join SixDegreesfromDave: I have noticed that whereas 170 million have flocked to Facebook and millions to Twitter, our staffing community has not adopted as quickly in utilizing the search and relationship potential to a comfort level traditionally given to Linkedin. According to my peers, […]

Phil Rosenberg, “Facebook vs. LinkedIN for Job Seekers”

Phil was kind enough to offer this article for the benefit of our readers Which is better for your job search, Facebook or LinkedIN? By Phil Rosenberg The case for LinkedIN: Strengths: • LinkedIN allows you to build a massive network, and allows you to limited contact with any other user directly through its […]

Rich Tatum, Leverages both Linkedin & Facebook and Tells you Why

Rich Tatum is a freelance writer and former online media managing editor for Christianity Today International. Along with his lovely bride he is currently father and “cat herder” to two off-the-wall children in a Chicago, IL, suburb. You can find him blogging at For more about his experience with LinkedIN, see his blog post, […]