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Frank Mulligan, “Linkedin’s Quality Connection Enablers (QCEs)”

Linkedin For HR & Recruitment Author: Frank Mulligan If you are a fan of Linkedin, and many in China’s HR community are, then you have already amassed a base of potential new recruits or business partners. Some people have built huge connection bases and the Linked basics for doing this are fairly well known so […]

Frank Mulligan, ERE Global Amsterdam: “China’s War For Talent”

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, an Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc. (720) 733-2022 Frank Mulligan is an Open Networker who welcomes your Linkedin Invites: View his Linkedin Profile and recommendations, *Simply add his email, to your Linkedin invitation Frank Mulligan is the China Director for Accetis International and the founder of Talent Software, Inc. Frank […]