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Ten Critical Considerations Towards Establishing A Successful Talent Mapping Strategy

In the course of my research, formulating a successful talent mapping strategy requires ten considerations to ensure successful execution on behalf of a corporate talent acquisition organization: 1. What universities and trade schools do competitors invest resources in? 2. What are the most common, identifiable patterns that reflect sources of hire among key competitors? 3. […]

Futurecasting White Paper Review Series: Kevin Stakelum, Talent Acquisition Director at Humana

By Kevin Stakelum Talent Acquisition Director at Humana Louisville, Kentucky Linkedin Twitter Kevin Stakelum leads the Talent Acquisition Function for Humana. He provides strategic direction for the function, design enterprise level processes, create efficiencies in the system and assist the business in creating strategies and approaches that result in them hiring the best talent for […]

HRO TODAY MAGAZINE: “How the Rise of Big Data & Social Data APIs Will Revolutionize Talent Pipelines In The Fortune 500”

The Future Could Be Bright Magazine Issue: -Vol. 12 No. 5 – June 2013 Topics: HRMS/HR Software, RPO & Staffing, Main Feature Leveraging big data with customer relationship management applications is key to getting the best talent first. By Dave Mendoza “Do you market to people? Hire people? Manage people? Research people? Recruit people? Work […]

Futurecasting White Paper Review Series: Recruiting Animal “When Gerry Crispin was a boy hiring was so easy”

How do you like my Big Data? Big Brother comes to Recruiting Posted by Recruiting Animal on April 22, 2013 “When Gerry Crispin was a boy hiring was so easy. There was lots of talent just lying all over the place. All you had to do was put an ad in the paper and hire […]

Futurecasting White Paper Review Series: Alex Putman, Director of People & Engagement at Case-Mate

by Alex Putman Director of People & Engagement at Case-Mate Chief T-Rex at Social T-Rex The Future of Recruiting: Futurecasting with Dave Mendoza April 30, 2013 Linkedin Twitter Remember the good ole days of recruiting? If drinking and smoking at your desk with a rotary dial phone popped into your head, you are on the […]

Futurecasting White Paper Review Series: John Bersentes, VP Business Development at TMP

John Bersentes McLean, Virginia, United States Vice President of Business Development TMP Government LLC, a division of TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications, LLC • Linkedin • Twitter Profile In reading Dave’s whitepaper on the topic of Big Data and the evolving landscape of talent management tools related to CRM. If you are keenly interested in […]

Futurecasting White Paper Review Series: Steven Rothberg, CEO at

Steven Rothberg, President & Founder, “I just read through your white paper and was quite impressed. First of all, you’re an accomplished professional writer. You’ve got some big words here and there but you’re speaking to a highly educated audience and I never felt that the words created speed bumps nor did I feel […]

Sustainable Quality Control Engine: Building In-House Shared Services Function aligned to CRM

Today’s Best Practice Shared as follows: By Dave Mendoza DEVELOPING A TALENT ACQUISITION, SHARED SERVICES FUNCTION & FOCUS The key function of an operational, Shared Services organization is to both validate the data quality of existing CRM records originating from Talent Communities, assorted CV folders saved within desktops, cloud docs, and developer/forum relate Sites pertinent […]