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3 Ways to Engage and Retain Customer Service Representatives

Given my sourcing orientation in the talent acquisition space, nuances are always key when it comes to configuring search strings, and with customer service representatives many characteristics tend to be observed first hand from full-cycle recruiters; i.e. demeanor, conversational capabilities, aspects related to recollection and attention to detail, etc. Granted, my audience will find the […]’s New ‘TOP TEN TWITTER’ Series

We will feature people I know first hand, respect, and genuinely believe are making a difference in our industry as practitioners, innovators and Thought Leaders.

Glenn Gutmacher Webinar Tomorrow – Brand New Sourcing Techniques!

First confirmed 100 to register will be featured in SixDegreesfromDave Mega Day Networking Event! NEW MATERIAL! JobMachine Webinar Series Presents: Glenn Gutmacher, “Social Network Recruiting Beyond LinkedIn” – BRAND NEW Techniques What: Webinar Class with Conference Call Start: Wed. 11/05/2008 – 1:00pm End: 11/05/2008 – 2:30pm Time: 1-2:30 pm Eastern/ 12-1:30 pm Central/ 10-11:30 am […]

Arbita Lures Three Recruiting Industry AllStars to Executive Team

Arbita, a provider of recruitment marketing technology, media and services, has attracted three industry all-stars to their executive team in recent weeks. > Shally Steckerl joins Arbita as executive vice president > George LaRocque joins as executive vice president of sales and marketing > Glenn Gutmacher joins as vice president of Arbita Consulting and Education […]

Glenn Gutmacher, “Top 10 Ways to Find Open Source Software Developers”

by Glenn Gutmacher Read Glenn’s Linkedin Profile Website Portfolio Q: Do you have any recommendations for skill sites to find LAMP, PHP and Python developers? I found a few but nothing great. A: You will increase your possibilities greatly if you realize that you are basically talking about open source developers (what you mentioned are […]

Free ERE Webinar: “E-Sourcing Methods from a Recruiting Research Guru” – Register Today!

REGISTER HERE: The Sourcer’s Daily Dozen: E-Sourcing Methods from a Recruiting Research Guru WHEN: June 5, 2008 at 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET Presented by: Glenn Gutmacher, Sr. Researcher, MICROSOFT Glenn Gutmacher is one of the preeminent sages among the sourcing elite. He is an author, an educator, a trainer, and I am […]

Glenn Gutmacher, “Top Video Search Tools for Recruiters”

by Glenn Gutmacher, Senior Research at Microsoft glenn @ Read Glenn’s Linkedin Profile Website Original Post dated: 10/26/2007 I believe audio/video search is only useful in recruiting and sourcing if it goes beyond metatags to full text conversion and searchability. On that score, there are already big distinctions between the major players. Two main […]

GLENN GUTMACHER, “When Phone Sourcing Doesn’t Work, and What to Do”

by Glenn Gutmacher, Senior Research at Microsoft glenn @ Read Glenn’s Linkedin Profile Website Original Post dated: 12/11/2006 Q: I am an Internet-focused sourcer who sometimes gets primary phone sourced data to expand upon. However, there are times I get high-profile names from high-profile companies, and I still can’t find anything about them, whether […]

Glenn Gutmacher, “How to Convert A Vertical List of Source Prospect Data for Mass-Email”

by Glenn Gutmacher, Senior Research at Microsoft glenn @ Read Glenn’s Linkedin Profile Website Q: I have a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with thousands of names of potential candidates. I don’t intend to blind e-mail them, but I do want to process them all over time. The entries are all in a single column, and […]

8,001 – Thank You

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, an Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc. Call Me Directly Yesterday I hit 8,000 connections on Linkedin. I am stating it not to boast – I don’t throw footballs in the end zone with creative knee wobbling. I simply want to mark the occasion to publicly thank everyone who has connected with […]

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