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Contributed Article: “How to Attract more Qualified Candidates with your Job Listing”

Contributed Article by Agata at Now Learning If you’ve had to repost a job listing due to a tepid response, it may be time to take a closer look at your listing content. Does the ad use language that could be a turnoff to potential candidates? Did you promote the listing adequately using social media […]

Guest post from Doug Munro “Work It Like You Own It”

There are times when all of us can get stuck in rote practices. Often we’ve had success doing something in a particular way, sometimes even repeated success, and it forges a belief that the same approach will continue to be successful. At those moments, once critical analysis indicates there is stagnation, it helps to approach […]

Matthew Zinman: Department of Labor Wreaks Havoc on Internships

The DOL Wreaks Havoc on Internships Matthew Zinman, The Internship Institute 215-870-9700 The decision is in: no thanks to the Department of Labor’s recent crackdown on unpaid internships, The Obama Administration has – in effect – turned its back on our nation’s Youth, Student Labor Market and the Small Business community seeking a new […]