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FORTUNE: Catherine Cook, co-founder of, “And A 17-Year-Old Shall Lead Them”

And a 17-year-old shall lead them < I had the privilege this morning of interviewing at the iMeme conference Catherine Cook, the 17-year-old CEO and co-founder of She was a little nervous, and had also had significant plane delays in her flight from Denmark (she’s based in New Jersey, but was taking a little […]

Jason Whitman: T-Mobile Recruitment Ads in Podcasts

By Jason Whitman (VP, Technology) Originally Posted 9/15/2006 This week while checking in on the popular podcast This Week in Tech (TWiT), I noted that T-Mobile is running recruitment ad banners on the site (screen capture). I noted that find as quite awesome, even considering the typo in the banner itself (“it’s” rather than “its”). […]

WEEKEND REVIEW: EXCELER8ION’s “You Have a Recruiting Blog, But Do You Have a Social Media Optimization Strategy?”

I had the pleasure of meeting Julian and Shannon at EXCELER8ion at Jobster’s ERE reception at Fluvio’s in Hollywood/Ft Lauderdale, FL. It’s been a unique pleasure getting to know them and I am exceptionally impressed with their new site look with interchangeable title banners. As for the substance of original content, it’s become required reading […]