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JAMES DURBIN On “Recruitment Blogs As Industry Influencer”

Voices from the Recruitment Blogosphere By James Durbin Durbin Media Recently, Glenn Gutmacher, Microsoft Guru answered Recruiting Animal critique on Recruitment Blog Influence: “I think the recruiting blogosphere is an important influencer, but it’s indirect: They influence the thought leaders who get disproportionate mindshare, and in turn, influence change.” That actually is the function of […]

MEET JAMES DURBIN: Durbin Media Group – Durbin, James Durbin

By Dave Mendoza, Partner, JobMachine and Master Cybersleuth Hi name is Durbin, James Durbin Meet James Durbin, at Durbin Media Group.James is one of the leading maestro’s of our space who have significantly contributed to elevating the chorus of Social Media as an intricate component of staffing strategy. For those who frequent, he’s a […]