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The World As I know It … Ambassador John Bolton Provides Brilliant Analysis

Watch the latest video at The global economy will breathe this situation as its oxygen …. ignore it at your peril

Neil Cavuto: I am ‘alarmed’ over NSA phone record collection

Watch the latest video at

Technology Reviewer & Trends Research Superstar, Brent Skinner Joins CeridianHCM as Marketing Manager

It is a personal pleasure to help spread the word of what I see as a key development within our industry. Brent Skinner is someone I sincerely admirer and I have had the pleasure of acquaintance to friendship over the span of over 7 years. He has been a notable member within the Human Resources […]

Recruiting IT Staff: Strategic Approaches to Attract Top Talent

Recruiting IT Staff: Strategic Approaches to Attract Top Talent Great employees are the life blood of any successful organization, and the war for talent is real. Today’s job market is characterized by high turnover, an aging workforce, the remote revolution, and global competition to find qualified IT staff that can keep your business at the […]

Amazing Love Story: Quadruple Amputee Soldier Welcomed Home By Girlfriend … And Entire Iowa Town

Watch the latest video at Taylor Morris is a Navy EOD from Cedar Falls, Iowa who was injured in Afghanistan. Taylor Morris and Danielle Kelly On Life After the Bomb Blast: It Took His Limbs But Not His Spirit When Taylor Morris, an explosives-detection and disposal expert with the U.S. Navy, stepped on a […]

Peter Clayton’s TotalPicture Radio Interviews Informatica’s Brad Cook. Big Data. Big Difference. Big Purpose.

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Occupy Portland Protester Involved in Shutting Down Major Port Gets Educated

Watch the latest video at Today’s Occupy Wall Street protests in Portland, Oregon shut down two terminals at the city’s port, which led workers to miss a day of work. But, is this benefiting the 99 percent or the one percent? Kari Koch, part of Occupy Portland, joined Your World to explain the group’s […]

Neil Cavuto Busts Myths in Debt Debate

A Compassionate Nation: Celebrating USA Aid To Vanquish AIDS in Africa

Recognizing World AIDS Day DID YOU KNOW? Under the Bush administration, more than 2 million people infected with HIV — most of them in Africa — have received lifesaving anti-retroviral treatment as part of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR. The United States increased direct development and humanitarian aid to Africa to […]

Happy Election Day! Chris Christie: ‘I’m a Sensitive Guy’

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie calls Jon Corzine quintessential limousine liberal Democrat in America

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