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When I learned my good friend, Ryan Money, CEO at HireVue, was having lunch with JibberJobber’s Jason Alba, I smiled. This guy, Jason, is meeting all the right people and making all the right moves with a great idea. What was even more enthralling was that he had a story everyone could relate to, we […]


Much has been said of networking at “Six Degrees from Dave” but too often we discuss process and spend little time focusing on the substance of relationships which is where the power of a network actually resides. Numbers are easy to measure but the true value of a network is based on the strength of […]

Joel Abraham: A Recruiter’s Perspective on Networking

MONEY QUOTE:“….it was easier for recruiters to recommend those people with whom they felt comfortable” I was perusing the weeks insight’s of my fellow peers and I found Joel Abraham’s perspective to be a bulls-eye on the importance of peer to peer networking and building relationships with your employer community overall. I have often said […]

RECRUITMENT.COM’s BLOG OF THE WEEK – Six Degrees from Dave Mendoza

Thanks Jim and Jay Dee for the honor 🙂 by James Durbin, Newsletter “One of the early characteristics of blogging was the openness of the bloggers. Gaining trust was accomplished by giving important details about who you were and what you thought. Just as in the real world, opening up to your virtual friends […]

“It’s About Professional Conduct, Stupid!

The Recruiting Animal, said it best today in reference to an entire cottage industry of “personal brand management” companies that will perfect your online image for a price. You can just as easily dilute your personal brand … for free and with little effort by simply opening your proverbial mouth. Our recruitment blogosphere in its […]

WEEKEND REVIEW – Durbin Case Study: How do you use a Blog to Get a Job?

On Weekends, I intend to refer to memorable blog postings I most often forwarded within corporate and among industry peers throughout the last week. Tis my disclaimer should anyone query about original content, that I find it imperative we broaden the reach of noteworthy and informative pieces and the authors who labored to tell us […]

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