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THE NAUGHTY “CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE” LIST – Secret Shopper Phenomenon Expose

THE NAUGHTY “CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE” LIST – When recruiters delete recruiter CV’s without opening them you have a problem at your org: “In an industry as tightly-knit of familiar faces – what does it say when recruiters, Talent Managers, etc delete fellow corporate TA emails to be considered without being opened? It says horrible things about […]


MEET MY NEW FRIEND, NEAL BRUCE, VP of Alliances, Monster

By Dave Mendoza, Partner, JobMachine, Master Cybersleuth With nearly a decade of experience as a recruiter, I have learned the nuances, both recommended and required, by my industry. My entry into the recruitment blogosphere, being recent and the environment itself nascent in relative terms, the rules are more ambiguous, the learning curve short, and yet […]

“Office Values, PART, TWO” – 15 Minutes of Hilarity On What Not to Say or Do @ Work

Rick Gervais aka Dave Brent Discuss “Office Values” – Part 2 Vintage Ricky Gervais,(BBC’s “The Office”) in a 15 minute short film, “Office Values” which plays as an internal training/ mock interview. Ricky manages to discuss how not to hire someone according to his personal interview style and critiques key issues of avoiding communication in […]

“It’s About Professional Conduct, Stupid!

The Recruiting Animal, said it best today in reference to an entire cottage industry of “personal brand management” companies that will perfect your online image for a price. You can just as easily dilute your personal brand … for free and with little effort by simply opening your proverbial mouth. Our recruitment blogosphere in its […]