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Doostang Connects Elite Young Professionals With In-Demand Jobs

Doostang helps prestigious employers reach the best candidates for jobs that require an elite academic/employment pedigree. Employers can post their jobs through Doostang, and hiring managers can join the network directly to interact with our members.

“One Need Not Be the Loneliest Number” – Thank You Dave Perry

By Dave Mendoza

Diversify Your Social Platform Presence

Dave Mendoza Facebook Profile: Facebook Group: Twitter: Join SixDegreesfromDave: I have noticed that whereas 170 million have flocked to Facebook and millions to Twitter, our staffing community has not adopted as quickly in utilizing the search and relationship potential to a comfort level traditionally given to Linkedin. According to my peers, […]

Happy Holidays: Amazon’s Wishlist Tool Makes ‘ThankYou’ Easier & Good Business Sense

By Dave Mendoza Dave Mendoza’s Wish List Shally Steckerl’s Wish List I want to extend my special acknowledgment for the kind cards and gifts from readers of Six Degrees. A few examples: Dan Harris, my sourcing apprentice surprised me with a Wii Sport (my family loves it Dan!), Marni Sampir, an alumni of the SixDegrees […]

Death March

Great Article I read by Christine Y. Chen Apr 25 2008 founder Jeff Taylor is hoping to wrest control of paid death notices from the newspaper industry, just as he did with employment postings. Several years ago, founder Jeff Taylor was chatting with his mother when he found out that she was a […]

SixDegrees on Facebook &

Practicing what I preach about not depending on any one network and diversifying, I wanted to ask my friends a few things: 1) How to Join SixDegreesfromDave on (Joining Gives First Access to lists, tips, contests) Click: 2) How to Add me as a friend. My Facebook profile: Click: 3) How to […]

Samantha, “Social Networking for Frenchies”

By Samantha It took me a long time to get on the social networking bandwagon, but now that I am on it I can’t stop! Most social networks are open to anyone in the world to join but generally use an English-language interface. There are, however, social networks geared at French-speakers specifically, and even a […]

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