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Steve Levy: “Screw the Parachute: Unconventional Ways to Amp Up Your Job Search”

Today we are honored to have Steve Levy’s featured guest contribution, – one of the finest writers in the blogosphere and a good friend. Steve Levy was the very first of a series of “Meet” profiles of individuals who have made an impact on our profession, binding the best attributes of “old School” relationship networking […]

Kennedy Expo Panel, “Blogging from Guerrilla Marketing to Mainstream Recruiting”

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, JobMachine Inc. Click here to connect with me on LinkedIn, at dave @ At Kennedy Expo, Las Vegas on May 9th, I had the opportunity to serve as Blog Panel Moderator. I was privileged to have distinguished All-Star colleagues, such as Dennis Smith, Gretchen Ledgard, Shally Steckerl and Steve […]

Shally’s Way: Why do you Blog?

By Shally Steckerl, Chief Cybersleuth, Founder, JobMachine Inc, On May 9th some of us bloggers are addressing an audience as a panel to attempt to answer a few questions about blogging in the recruit-o-sphere. “Blogging from “Guerrilla” Marketing to Mainstream Recruiting“   Moderated by Dave Mendoza, the panel consists of Steve Levy, Dennis Smith, Gretchen […]

Newsflash: Steve Levy 2 years away from AARP Card & Cheap Movies

Anyone who knows me knows I am big on birthdays. Now he did flake on our buddy Shally’s drinkathon birthday at NYC Kennedy, and he did out Jason Davis’ birthday, so he has a record of something or other …so today we announce here on Six Degrees, aka the Steve Levy Fan Club (membership of […]

PERSPECTIVES – STEVE LEVY On “Bloggers Influence Upon the Recruitment Industry”

Voices from the Recruitment Blogosphere By Steve Levy, Principal Outsideâ– theâ– Box Consulting Talent Acquisition and Organizational Effectiveness Consulting Technically speaking, the ERE groups are in fact blogs and blogs are in fact groups – if you can envision a mobius strip you know what I’m talking about. About one year ago (maybe more), Maureen Sharib began […]


By Dave Mendoza, Partner, JobMachine & Master Cybersleuth Due to popular response, I am extending the Corporate Blogging discussion into a series. Today, Superfriends of Six Degrees, Glenn Gutmacher, Sourcing Guru Extraordinaire, and Steve “Levinator” Levy, add an insightful addendum to the points raised in Corporate Blogging for Talent: Means, Input, & Impact (CLICK HERE, […]

Steve Levy: Part 3 – One Brick at a Time

By Steve Levy, Principal Outsideâ– theâ– Box Consulting Talent Acquisition and Organizational Effectiveness Consulting I volunteered to pick El Dave up at the airport this past Monday on his way to Kennedy’s Recruiting 2006 Conference (a MUST attend conference – the next one is May 2007 in Viva Las Vegas), and vowed to show this former metro […]

THE STEVE LEVY SERIES, Part 2. “Why Can’t We Land A Superstar?”

By Steve Levy, Principal outside– the– box Consulting Talent Acquisition and Organizational Effectiveness Consulting Part 2 of Three In A Series Right off, I’ll admit that I’m a huge fan of Lou Adler: I like him personally and professionally. His concept of performance based hiring (what I refer to as 1X2X3 – one by two by three […]


“I can envision Steve opening the most successful sandcastle franchise ever to be seen in the Sahara.” Dennis Smith (AKA Recruiting Teddy Bear) calls him “The Levinator.” To Recruiting Animal he’s “Vin Dieselevy.” By Any Name He’s Worth Getting To Know For the morning coffee crowd, who start their day by browsing the latest on […]