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SixDegrees Top Ten+: Cigna Sourcing Team Edition

NEW SIX DEGREES LISTING: Cigna Corporate Staffing Edition, (Please credit SixDegreesfromDave(!) CLICK – AND The prior ERE Conference Edition – HERE IT IS – HOW TO DIRECTIONS: THREE SIMPLE RULES for Networking 1) Tell them Dave Mendoza from SixDegrees from Dave recommended you Connect. (I Double Check ! Serious I always find out who […]

Six Degrees’ Newest TopTen+ Networking LIst – ERE Expo Edition!

HERE IT IS – My attendance at ERE Expo is your SixDegreesfromDave treat – today I am featuring fellow attendees of stature I met. It’s as if you were there and had their business cards yourself! Click our Newest Networking CSV List and upload /TopTenInstructions.doc ). As always you know the rules: Please double […]

Exclusive Member Perk! SixDegreesfromDave Complete Listing

(2 Years of My Contacts!) CLICK- MEGA LIST DOWNLOAD CLICK – Specific “How To Invite” Instructions MEMO TO MEMBERSHIP It pains me to see so many good people effected by bad times. I see the effects of this economy every time I send a message to the group and see how many bounce back due […]

Six Degrees from Dave Vows “All You Need Is Love”

I push up love, love everyday. Oh I Jump in the mud of love, oh I Get my hands dirty with Love, I love it up – on everyday OUR TOP TEN+ STAFFING INDUSTRY NETWORKING EDITION * Download AND Save the NEW Staffing Industry, Power Networking List – * Download AND Save this document […]

SixDegrees New Top Ten+

NETWORKING LIST: Six Degrees Friends, I just got back from holiday and I apologize for the sporadic posts this past week. I am back, tan and rested and hoping all of you are ready to welcome new friends and add them to your community. In these tough economic time, we could all use new […]

SixDegrees TopTen+ She’s My Pride & Joy

HERE IT IS: TOP TEN+ Power Networking Feature Two Simple Rules: 1) Tell them Dave Mendoza from SixDegrees from Dave highly recommended you Connect. (I Double Check !) 2) Never, ever, solicit nor spam those listed. It undermines the reputation of our approach to extend authentic and sincere, networking value. Send invites that include […]

SIX DEGREES on RBC: MEGA LIST NETWORKING Cheer! (the Entire Year’s List!)

Networking gets you closer to your next staffing gig and your next hire. right? That’s why You are receiving this Networking Newsletter as a member of “SixDegreesfromDave” We show you how to grow your network bigger, faster, and above all more quality with the industry’s biggest players! We encourage you to join us in extending […]

SIX DEGREES TOP TEN – Networking, Sourcing Tips, Articles Oh My!

By Dave Mendoza, Adjunct Faculty, JobMachine SPREAD THE WORD *Let SixDegrees Wannabees know we have a new sign-up link They can complete form on Be a top Referrer and be featured! *JOBS, JOBS, JOBS – Find them at! THIS WEEK’S TOP TEN As members of SixDegreesfromDave, I would * very much* appreciate it […]

MEGA Linkedin Networking Industry Day – 21,000 Thank you

By Dave Mendoza, Master Cybersleuth, Affiliate Partner, JobMachine Inc./ Partner, I want to publicly thank above all, Jorrit Blok and his team at Otys E-recruiting Systems as well as Yves Loiseau at Otys France for organizing and generously sponsoring a magnificent three city speaking and networking tour for me. I visited Amsterdam and Veenendaal […]

Amsterdam to Paris to Barcelona: Six Degrees Top Ten+

If you were wondering why I have been slow to post new articles this week, I have been traveling on a speaking tour to Holland, France and Spain the last few days, courtesy of my friends at Recruitment Community Europe and Otys It has been eventful and I look forward to sharing the details next […]

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