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CHEESMAN: Public Relations Is Great, But How’s Your Blogger Relations?

Posted on October 12, 2006
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By Joel Cheesman

pr’s great, but how’s your br?

Don’t get me wrong. PR, or public relations, is great. When a news source highlights your product or service, remarkable happens. That said, BR, or blog relations, is outpacing the influence of PR.

Bloggers represent the world’s best, and sometimes most prominent ‘sneezers,’ as Seth Godin calls them: Those who spread things – news, ideas, gossip, etc. Capture the imagination of the blogosphere, continue to hold it, and it’ll be the best investment in time and energy you’ll ever spend.

In the employment industry, it was the bloggers in 2005 who helped launch vertical job search engine awareness into the stratosphere.

Think of marketing as you would building a fire. The goal is to start a spark and hope an inferno ensues. In this process, it’s best to begin with the driest tinder. And nothing’s dryer than the blogosphere.

Traditional PR represents a second tier to take your message to the next level. Savvy reporters, editors and writers are watching the blogosphere very closely. Once a hot idea strikes and gets the community buzzing, the media stalwarts wake up. In contrast, getting attention via broadcast news releases are typically a dead end.

In time, BR will outrank PR.

Little by little, people are turning to the blogosphere first for timely and provocative insight. Little by little, companies are turning to bloggers as their first option to promote a new offering. Little by little, traditional media are embracing blogging, even in the face of business as usual.

Does your company or PR agency know
Jim Stroud, Gautam Ghosh, Dave Mendoza and the rest? Do you? If not, you should. They’ll make you famous.


3 Responses to “CHEESMAN: Public Relations Is Great, But How’s Your Blogger Relations?”

  1. Recruiting Animal on October 12th, 2006 8:27 pm

    Or infamous.

    This reminded of the Dylan song: “Says he’s got a bad cough; wants to get it paid off.”

  2. Jim Stroud on October 13th, 2006 1:22 am

    Jeepers!!! (I’m blushing.)

  3. Steve Levy on October 13th, 2006 4:45 pm

    Chees, great point but what about those companies who practice astroturf blogging (just posted on The Recruiting Edge ’bout it)?

    To me the question is quite mathematical…is BR + ER >= PR?