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Christian Mayaud: “How to Join the “LIONs Group on LinkedIn”

Posted on July 22, 2007
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I received the following informative update from Linkedin Power Connector, Christian Mayaud:

Since the founding of our “LinkedIn Open Networking Community” [the LIONs], January 11, 2006, we have lobbied LinkedIn for our own official Group on LinkedIn and they have FINALLY acquiesced.

John Evans is the LinkedIn Group Manager and will send Invitations to Join our official LIONs Group on LinkedIn to all REGISTERED Lions, past and present.

How to Join the “LIONs Group on LinkedIn”

STEP 1 – Make sure you are a REGISTERED Lion


To improve security, enable members to individually control the number of “invites to connect” they receive, and obliterate SPAM potential:

ALL Lions MUST register at our community site THE LIONS’ LAIR ( ).

Only those who register and maintain their profile at The Lions’ Lair will be considered REGISTERED members of the Lion Community

You no longer need to subscribe to our YahooGroup to be a Lion (and our YahooGroup Subscribers are NOT Lions unless they are registered at our LIONS’ LAIR)

The Lions will stop using our YahooGroup Subscriber List for Invites to Connect shortly and will rely solely on Opt-in Lists from Registered Lions only If you wish to continue to receive “Invites to Connect” from Fellow LIONS, you MUST check the appropriate Opt-ins on you Registration Form at our LIONS’ LAIR

STEP 2- Once you are a REGISTERED Lion, go to to Join
our LIONS LinkedIn Group

As the LIONS Group on LinkedIn Manager, John will periodically — upload the current Registered Membership Roster for Pre-Approval to join “The LIONs on LinkedIn for Groups” and send out Invites to those Registered Lions who haven’t joined our Lions LinkedIn Group

BTW, All LIONs on LinkedIn will be able to see and connect to each other by add their e-mail addresses to their LinkedIn Profile Headline, like this for example:

John L.Evans
Evans [LION@LOCRIS.COM] 12,575+ Professional Interim Director – Change,
Programmes, Commercials, Trouble-shooter

Christian Mayaud
Managing Director | The Verticom Group
212/537-6989 | mobile: 914/309-6385 | skype: cmayaud


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