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Posted on March 10, 2009
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Mike O’Brien, a friend of and featured previously has developed an innovative product and he has invited members to try it out, for a 90 day trial!

His company, has put together some huge relationships with major job boards and are driving a lot of traffic and they need more recruiters for their uptick in user traffic.


They have developed a social recruiting platform that enables you to source quality candidates, quickly. It gets you into search engines for the search terms your candidates use. Try it yourself once you develop an acount, say “Dallas Based Programmer, OR “PL SQL Career”, you get the point, Catalyst will do it for you. It sends your jobs to thousands f qualified candidates with a click of a button. Less work, more placements. Try it out and give Mike and his team feedback. I’d be particularly interested in hearing about your experience!

They have built a slick process. Please use the following link in your email for your users to get the 90 day free trial.


When a user clicks through on this page, you will get a nice welcome message that explains the process… Check it out for yourself.

A Message from our Friends at
We have great news, our friends at are now registering upwards of 10,000 new Candidates
daily! Additionally, they?ve added some must have productivity tools that enable you to:

* Quickly build large networks and source Candidates Directly from
* Deploy an effective Search Engine Optimization strategy to source targeted Candidates from Google, Yahoo etc.
* Leverage Free Job Postings on and Distribution to over 300 Partner Sites

Mike O’Brien and the gang at are extending you a FREE 3 month trial, with no obligations! To come back and experience all the positive changes for yourself. As an added bonus, they are now offering weekly training courses to help their Users discover how the most successful Recruiters are sourcing hard to find candidates every day.

*** SixDegreesfromDave has NO financial interests pertaining to this Climber product referral whatsoever.

Dave Mendoza


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